Moffat On New Doctor Who Companion After Clara Oswald For Season 9: ‘Wait And See’

As fans anticipate the 2014 “Doctor Who” Christmas Special, executive producer Steven Moffat gave a preview of what’s to come after the season 8 finale for season 9, including the companion.

Recently, Moffat spoke at the Royal Television Society panel, Moffat commented on making “Doctor Who” and the fact that it doesn’t get any easier.

“The terrifying thing about Doctor Who is that you discover at the start of every new show that you have learned absolutely nothing at all, that it’s brand new,” said Moffat according to DoctorWhoTV.

“It always makes you feel completely like ‘oh, I thought I’d got the hang of this but I have no idea what to do.” “I feel genuinely as inadequate and amateurish today as I felt on my first day.

There isn’t a paradigm episode that you keep remaking, they’re all very different, the scripts, the effects, the sets, the design, the casting, everything is different every time, that’s what makes it a great show.” Moffat also spoke on the future of “Doctor Who” now that companion Clara Oswald is presumably making an exit after the Christmas Special before season 9.

“As to changing it up with the companion, we actually have changed it up quite a lot, look how different those girls have been.

Wait and see,” said Moffat.

“What we have is probably the most enduring form of the show and I think will always tend back to it for whatever reason, but there’s no reason you couldn’t tend away from it and there’s no diktat or special rule book left by Verity Lambert or something.

We absolutely could vary it.

The times they’ve varied it, it makes them work hard – you can see them struggling with Leela.

She was a great character but they had to civilise her fast because it was getting hard to fit her into stories – but it’s not a hard and fast rule at all.”    

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