Miss A’s Suzy Donates 10 Million Won To Underprivileged Students

Miss A ‘s  Suzy  has charitably donated 10 million won (about $8,721) to middle school students in need! On July 13th 2016,  Suzy  made the donation of 10 million won to an organization called ” Dream On Social Welfare Society ;” the money that is donated will help pay school uniforms for incoming middle school students within the Boseong county of South Korea.
It was disclosed that  Suzy ‘s father,  Bae Wan Young , dropped by the Boseong County Office to make the donation on her part. He says, “We hope that this will be of even a little help to the students who are living in farming areas.” Suzy ‘s agency,  JYP Entertainment , said that the star has made the donation without telling the agency. A  JYP  representative confessed to news outlet, Star News, that ” Suzy  frequently makes donations. It seems like she has done another good thing this time as well.”  

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