Miranda Kerr Hot In Almost Naked Photoshoot; Tom Cruise’s Rumored Girlfriend Dishes Moderation Key To Model Physique

Miranda Kerr looks hot, as she always does, when she posted her strategically naked body on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise’s rumored girlfriend shared that moderation is key to having a model physique.

Miranda Kerr’s hot Instagram photo came with no caption but tagged photographer Chris Colls, who is her long-time friend.

She also tapped the photographer to help her promote her own organic skin, hair and body line, the Kora Organics.

In the website , Miranda Kerr wrote in describing the product line: “I wanted to develop a range of products that bring together the very best in skincare ingredients that are designed to nourish, replenish and hydrate the skin.

The KORA Organics range is exactly what I wanted for myself but was unable to find anywhere in the world.

The products represent my healthy/balanced lifestyle, my beliefs and love of organics.” As to why Miranda Kerr stayed hot, the model claimed that she does indulge once in a while but the key is to not overdo it.

“I focus on moderation, balance and being aware of input/output.

I also make sure to add exercise into my day,” she said, according to MailOnline .

“The brunette said her daily ‘musts’ are prayer, meditation and 15 minutes of gratitude journaling, and revealed she ‘cannot live without’ tweezers, avocados, and products from her beauty range,” it said.

In an earlier interview with Forbes  magazine , the Wonderbra model shared her beauty secrets to having a healty looking skin.

“Cleanse, tone and moisturize morning and night.

At the moment, I use the Cream Cleanser, Balancing Rose Mist and Hydrating Day & Night Cream.

I also exfoliate every second to third day, and apply my Hydrating Mask afterwards,” she said.

“Hands are also exposed to aging and drying elements, so I recommend using a protective and restorative hand cream regularly throughout the day, and apply again at bedtime,” Miranda Kerr added of her secret to looking hot.

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