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Minzy’s Solo Album Updates: Collaboration With Flowsik And Jay Park Confirmed

Minzy's Solo Album Updates: Collaboration With Flowsik And Jay Park Confirmed

Gong Minzy has postponed her solo debut as a singer because she wants to focus on participating in the variety show titled, “Sister’s Slam Dunk.” After some time, she is about to have her comeback soon. Some updates about it have been given by her agency. Gong Minzy is a talented singer and dancer. There is no surprise that she became part of 2NE1. She also has many good friends and this serves as an advantage for her solo album. It was reported that Jay Park would be featured in one of her songs. She also revealed to have recorded it with him, according to  AllKpop .
More update about Minzy’s solo album, on Mar. 22, came from a source who confirmed that Minzy will also collaborate with Flowsik, reported Soompi . Flowsik is known for his appearance in “Show Me The Money 5.” Also, he was successful for making it to the top of the U.S iTunes R&B Album Chart in 2013. Minzy’s solo album will be anticipated as two geniuses in music (Jay Park and Flowsik) will be featured in her songs. With her upcoming solo album, Minzy will showcase her ability to compose a song. She will include a self-composed song in her album,  AllKpop  reported. Based on the source from Minzy’s agency, the title track has not been decided yet but they will film the video after it was decided. As for Minzy, she is doing “Sister’s Slam Dunk” with other members. Being a leader in the upcoming girl group, she has shown how to be responsible and capable of leading. Recently, on the show, she learned how to improve her vocals with lessons given by SM vocal trainer Jang Jin Young. Even though Minzy is number one for the assessment in dancing and singing among other members in “Sister’s Slam Dunk,” she remains humble and leads the group to do better and improve.