Minpyo Joins B.I.G For Comeback, Solves Health Issues

Minpyo Joins B.I.G For Comeback

Minpyo Joins B.I.G For Comeback, Solves Health Issues

Hit K-pop boy band, B.I.G, has just been confirmed to be preparing for their upcoming comeback. Because of this, their fans are already too fired up for that date. However, what makes things more exciting is the fact that Minpyo will finally be joining the group. It is worth noting that Minpyo has been absent in the public eye since February after he took a break from the group. The reasons surrounding his absence weren’t that clear, however, reports point out that it is because of health issues.
Fortunately, according to All K-pop , Minpyo will finally be joining his boy group in their upcoming comeback. This had undoubtedly delighted and made his fans, together with the group’s fans really happy. It’s because the break from the group that Minpyo took was very surprising, and that there were no dates as to when he would come back. But then again, he’s been confirmed to be really coming back for sure. According to another report by All K-pop , B.I.G will have all members present in their comeback. During the hiatus of the group, it has been reported that the group has worked in creating new music. It has also been said that they worked together to improve their musical talents by bringing in new styles and themes. In addition, it is also reported that the group’s teamwork has improved a lot ever since Minpyo returned back to the group. With this, one can clearly see that B.I.G is a closely knit boy group where they rely on each other to produce quality music. The comeback song of the group is entitled, “Hello Hello”. It is also reported that the music style of the song will be a little bit of hip hop and groove. This surely shows that the group is taking on a new style to their music. The release of their newest comeback song will be on May 23. For sure, this will top the music charts, as they got what it takes to do it.

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