Minion Rush Tips To Get A High Score In Playing! Detailed Instructions Inside

Here are the Minion Rush tips you should consider in playing the game to get a high score, according to the report of the Fuse Joplin.

The first Minion Rush tip is using an appropriate costume, in playing the costume you wear play a significant part in the game.

The right costume will make the game easier and will help you to earn points.

For example, you use the Mother Minion in the game, it will give you the chance to increase your power-ups to 10 seconds longer than the usual time that it gives.

The next tip is how to use the Evil Minion, if you become an Evil Minion make the opportunity to destroy all the obstacles in your way and it will give you may points.

“So it is imperative that you should save your evil minion for the utmost tough challenges and when you have to surmount very difficult barriers.” Thus, it will help you to pass the challenges without worrying.

Furthermore, the next Minion Rush tip is connecting with your friends on your social networking site like Facebook, it will help give you and incentive for playing the game.

And also a way of earning Gru tokens and extra points.

Lastly, collect all the bananas that you encountered in the game and exchange them for points.

If you have a lot of bananas you can get new upgrades for the runner and now you can beat the other players.

Do you have other Minion Rush tips that you can share? Put it on the comment bow below!    

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