Mimi Faust’s Sex Tape With Nikko Smith Haunts Her? Nikko, Wife Team Up In ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ To Bully Stevie J’s Ex

Mimi Faust's Sex Tape With Nikko Smith Haunts Her? Nikko
Mimi Faust's Sex Tape With Nikko Smith Haunts Her? Nikko

The sex tape that Mimi Faust made with Nikko Smith reportedly continues to haunt her as the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reality star and his wife, Margo Simms, will reportedly gang up on her.

In a revealing interview with Egypt Sherrod on the show “Moment of Truth,” Mimi Faust said that she regretted the sex tape with Nikko Smith.

She said the whole fling with Nikko Smith started when she became unhappy with her ex Stevie J.

“In hindsight, 20/20 looking back, it was all bad.

All wrong for me,” she said .

“He just so happened to accidentally call my phone and he was with her, and I heard the whole conversation.

She did say, ‘The only reason I’m seeing someone else is because you left me to go down to Atlanta to be with her for some money.’ My blood was boiling.” Nikko Smith and Mimi Faust’s sex tape is being distributed by Vivid Entertainment, after the couple sold the rights to the video.

Previously, Mimi Faust confirmed the report that Nikko Smith’s wife, Margo Simms, will be joining “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” “Yes [I can confirm his wife will play a role and will be on the show],” she told Cotten Kandi .

“The upcoming season is going to be nuts so stay tuned.” Meanwhile, Urban Belle  reported that Nikko Smith and Margo Simms will gang up on Mimi Faust on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” “Nikko and his wife are turning up and they have been plotting to take down Mimi ever since Margo moved to Atlanta,” the source told the magazine.

“They have been ganging up on Mimi so bad that Stevie was forced to intervene.

Expect things to get violent.

By the way, this isn’t going well with Joseline because she’s concerned she won’t be the star of the show this season,” the insider added.

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