Miles Teller Compares Himself To Ryan Gosling, Is Pursued by Selena Gomez: Should Girlfriend Keleigh Sperry Be Worried About ‘Insurgent’ Actor?

Miles Teller has been getting roles from ‘Insurgent’ to most recently ‘Bleed For This’.

That also meant that the actor is getting a bit of an ego as well! He recently compared to stars like Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio and Sean Penn.

Not only that, he has been attracting the attention of Hollywood starlets like Selena Gomez.

Should his girlfriend Keleigh Sperry be worried about him?

“‘Bleed for This’ is a true departure from anything I’ve done,” admitted Miles Teller to

“I look at older actors like Sean Penn, and even (Ryan) Gosling and Leo (DiCaprio) to a certain extent.

When they were my age, they were putting some really good stuff down.

I’m excited that I’m being offered roles now.” Woah.

Now that the ‘Insurgent’ actor has been in a few successful movies like ‘Whiplash’, he doesn’t mind name dropping more established actors like crazy! This kind of confidence from the 28-year-old actor has also been attracting the attention of other Hollywood actresses, in particular Selena Gomez.

According to Hollywood Life, the rumors are that Selena Gomez has a huge crush on Miles Teller and would love to get on the same screen with him.

“Selena has been telling friends that she wants to do some movies that will get her a little more credibility.

She really likes Miles Teller and sees that he is really breaking through in Hollywood.

She has told friends on countless occasions that she would love to work on any movie with him, but when it comes to specifics, she would love to do something like 500 Days of Summer with him,” a source told Hollywood Life.

“He is definitely a celebrity crush of her’s, but they have never really been together long enough for anything romantic to happen and he has a girlfriend.

But if they did a film with each other, I wouldn’t put it past her to make something happen.” But his girlfriend Keleigh Sperry has had a tight grip on the guy for a while now.

The bikini model has been uploading pictures of Miles Teller off duty for a few months now.

Check out Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry’s most recent picture.

Do you think now that the ‘Insurgent’ actor (and his ego) is getting bigger his girlfriend Keleigh Sperry should worry?

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