Miles Teller And Girlfriend Keleigh Sperry PDA On Set Of Jonah Hill Movie, Documents Romance On Instagram: ‘Whiplash’ Actor And Model Intensify Relationship?

Miles Teller And Girlfriend Keleigh Sperry PDA On Set Of Jonah Hill Movie
Miles Teller And Girlfriend Keleigh Sperry PDA On Set Of Jonah Hill Movie

Miles Teller and girlfriend Keleigh Sperry showed no signs of breaking up in Miami.

By the rate in which ‘Whiplash’ actor and his model girlfriend was PDA-ing on the set of Jonah Hill movie, it’s very unlikely that they will quit showing off their romance on Instagram.

At least Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry aren’t afraid of having a super public relationship! According to Daily Mail, “During a break from filming Arms and the Dudes, Miles Teller nuzzled up to his bikini clad girlfriend Keleigh Sperry.

The couple shared a steamy kiss the same day Miles, 28, filmed a playful scene with his co-star Jonah Hill, 31, on the beach.” Let’s hope that Jonah Hill didn’t get jealous of their romance.

Miles Teller has been toting around his girlfriend Keleigh Sperry during the entirety of the awards season.

Seeing how Miles Teller and his girlfriend seemed to have made an implicit agreement to focus on their respective careers, missing out on ‘Fantastic Four’ red carpet may not be the worst thing for their relationship.

With all her new gigs with Reformation clothing and Helmut Lang, Keleigh Sperry isn’t doing too poorly either.

‘Insurgent’ actor recently revealed that he likes to keep his girlfriend Keleigh Sperry on her toes.

Sounds like relationship with Miles Teller is a lot of work.

At least ‘Whiplash’ star didn’t hide his crazies in the interview.

During an interview with Cosmopolitan, Miles Teller was asked, “Do you think really talented men are awful to date?” To that he answered, “I don’t know.

You’d have to ask my girlfriend,” implying that he considers himself a really talented person.

“She would probably agree with the latter part of that, yeah,” concluded ‘Whiplash’ actor.

When the interviewer asked, “What should a woman do if she’s dating a “genius”?”, he answered, “Run the other way? Ask my girlfriend.

What do you think your girlfriend would say? Patience.

And lots of laughter.” Sounds like Miles Teller has a lot of ego! But it looks like the barrage of his photos won’t end on Keleigh Sperry’s Instagram account.

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