Microsoft To Release Windows 9 For Free? Tech Giant To Unveil Software’s Name Next Week

Many speculations have surrounded Windows 9, from what were believed as leaked pictures of its specifications to the most recent one which is its free release.

While Microsoft has not given a confirmation with regards to Windows 9 being available for free, a sure thing that fans can expect is the unveiling of the software’s name next week.

For many weeks now, reports and rumors have claimed that the new software will be availble for free for users of Windows 8.

In a recent report from BGR, claimed that the new software has been confirmed to be released as a free update for Windows 8 and will be offered at a cheap price for Windows XP users.

Microsoft Indonesia president Andreas Diantoro reportedly confirmed the news, saying that the software will easily be installed once it has been downloaded from Microsoft’s website, much like how Apple operating systems are updated.

While it sounds like great news for people who have Windows 8, the news that the new software will be offered cheap for those who have older versions of the OS has not been confirmed.

The price of the software if sold individually has not been released either.

Meanwhile, a report from Reuters , suggested that the name of Windows 9 will officially be unveiled next week.

The report suggested that the software could sport the name “Windows,” without the number, perhaps in conjunction with the re-branding of Windows phones.

The software, which has been called “Project Threshold” within the company, will reportedly not be called publicly as such and that the name “is symbolic of a new direction and style for Microsoft, which is veering away from an aggressive focus on Windows and PC.” The unveiling of Windows 9 specifications will reportedly take place on September 30 in San Francisco.

The event will feature discussions about the company to be spearheaded by Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson.

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