Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Coming Soon? Pro 4, 3 Get Huge Discounts! Details Here

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Coming Soon? Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Coming Soon? Pro 4, 3 Get Huge Discounts! Details Here

  Existing models of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Pro 3 are now offered at hugely discounted price making fans believe that the much-awaited release of the upgraded Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is just around the corner. In its report, Game N Guide said that as much as $200 is discounted from the selling price of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and Pro 4 offered in Amazon and eBay and according to them, tech analysts observed that the bigger discounts are being offered to more expensive devices. From its usual price of $2,199, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is now offered at $2,000. Pro 4 includes specs of a 512 GB storage, an Intel Core i7 processor and a 16 GB RAM. Microsoft Surface Pro 3, on the other hand, gets a $220 discount. The report added that according to speculations, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is already being moved out by Microsoft in order to give way to the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. Analysts recommend to users of Microsoft Surface Pro devices to take advantage of the currently offered discounts. Several reports had already pointed out that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is definitely set to become a much better hybrid laptop. Some of the speculated specs of the upcoming devices include the Kaby Lake processor, a USB 3.1 support and possibly, USB Type-C ports. It is also expected that Pro 5 will have major improvement in its 4K video playback experience. Some also say that the new device will come with a rechargeable Surface Pen. Parent Herald , on the other hand, said that there is a possibility that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will not be launched this year, saying that its release is dependent on the arrival of the new OS from Microsoft. It also added that at the time being, Microsoft is still fixing some glitches and bugs in the system of Surface Pro 4.    

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