Michelle Rodriguez’s Ex Cara Delevingne’s Performance In ‘The Face Of An Angel’ Gets Recognition; Movie Inspired By Amanda Knox Murder Case Trial Deviates From Reality?

Michelle Rodriguez’s ex Cara Delevingne gets recognition for her performance in “The Face of An Angel,” as the movie inspired by the Amanda Knox murder case trial reportedly deviated from reality.

In the Huffington Post article, director Michael Winterbottom was all praises for Michelle Rodriguez’s ex Cara Delevingne, who plays student Melanie.

The director described her character as “the emotional core of the film.

She’s a student, just like the girl who was murdered or the girl who’s on trial, (but) she embodies youth, optimism, hope and life – having everything in front of you.” HuffPost  columnist Caroline Frost wrote that the “celebrated looks” of Michelle Rodriguez’s ex Cara Delevingne also provided “a lot of life.” “But it is Cara’s naturalistic performance that is most convincing.

Here is someone full of life that Thomas can cling to, just as it seems the ghosts of the girls in his story may be lost to him,” she said.

Meanwhile, the film that was based on the Amanda Knox murder case trial allegedly deviated from reality that the lawyers for the American student threatened to haul him to court.

Lawyer Luciano Ghirga said that the Amanda Knox murder case trial is still ongoing and if the film, “The Face of an Angel” will any way cause damage to her image, they won’t hesitate to file a case against the producers.

The lawyer has admitted that he hasn’t seen it yet, according to MailOnline , but historically the literature and movies have not been fair to his client.

“There have already been at least two films and 12 books about the case.

If the film is based even loosely on the murder in Perugia and if it is damaging to Amanda’s image, we will be asking for damages, as we have done in other cases,” he said.

Meanwhile, Michelle Rodriguez’s ex Cara Delevingne talked about her role in “The Face of an Angel: “They have this love for each other, which is very sweet.

The relationship between them is very innocent.

There is love there, but it’s a platonic love.

He just knows that she’s having a good effect on him, and he has to follow this path,” she said per  HuffPost.

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