Michael Fassbender Smitten By Alicia Vikander, ‘Steve Jobs’ Star And Girlfriend In For Long Haul?

Michael Fassbender Smitten By Alicia Vikander

Michael Fassbender Smitten By Alicia Vikander, ‘Steve Jobs’ Star And Girlfriend In For Long Haul?

Michael Fassbender likes to keep his personal life on the down low, probably because he changes girlfriends like he changes clothes, but he wasn’t afraid to speak up about how wonderful his current girlfriend Alicia Vikander is. Is “Steve Jobs” actor and Alicia Vikander in it for the long haul?

According to Irish Independent , Michael Fassbender was super respectful towards his girlfriend. He said, “When she arrived on the set, I could see the determination. there and the focus, the hard work and then trying to keep it up all the time. She’s a very good actor, disciplined…she works hard and gives great performances.”
If Michael and Alicia are a movie match made in heaven, they are also perfect for off screen romance!
“Steve Jobs” actor was rumored to have broken up with his girlfriend, but they were were caught leaving a hotel in New York, debunking any split rumors.
According to Irish Independent , “The Irish actor (38) and Swedish actress (26)… sent the rumour mill into overdrive once again as they were pictured leaving a hotel in New York together yesterday. Alicia, one of Louis Vuitton’s current ‘it girls’ sported one of the French fashion house’s luxe leather bags, while Fassbender was similarly casual in his attire for their date.”
Sounds like the workaholic actors are finding ways to make it work despite their busy schedules.
Or maybe “Steve Jobs” actor had an epiphany about his relationship with the Swedish actress after his birthday present to Kate Winslet, his co-star in the most recent movie.
According to Vanity Fair , Kate Winslet talked about the pressure cooker that Michael remembered to get her for her birthday. She said, “[I]t was this huge box and I was like, ‘What the heck is going on? Then I see on the side of it, it says Tefal… and then I opened it. . . . He’s a good boy. He got me the pressure cooker.”
The actor Fassbender later confirmed that the birthday gift decision was hard to make. “It was down to three. I’m happy with the choice.”
He most likely is also very happy with Alicia Vikander, 12 years his junior.

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