‘Men In Black’ Reboot May Be A New Trilogy, New Films Are Currently In Negotiation

'Men In Black' Reboot May Be A New Trilogy

'Men In Black' Reboot May Be A New Trilogy, New Films Are Currently In Negotiation

“Men In Black” reboot trilogy won’t be the same as before.
Fans will be glad to know that “Men In Black” is coming back as there are plans to reboot the franchise. The original trilogy starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones did so well that it would be difficult to imagine anybody else putting on the black suit.

However, fans may be disappointed as Will Smith may not be returning as Agent Jay in the “Men In Black” reboot. Producers Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald explained in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter that the new movie would be reinvented as a trilogy.
There were no further details regarding the plot of the “Men In Black” reboot films.
Despite the lack of details from Parkes and MacDonald they did confirm that the talks and negotiations of reviving the “Men In Black” franchise with the Sony team is still ongoing.
“Were in the middle of it, “ Parkes said in the interview. “ It’s very active.”
“Men In Black” is a comedy science fiction film that was loosely based on a comic book series by Lowell Cunningham. The film follows two agents, Agent K and Agent J, of the “Men In Black,” a secret non-government organization that has the responsibility of supervising all extraterrestrial or alien life forms who live on Earth.
The first film made its debut in 1997, grossed over $589 million and earning four-fold against its $90 million budget. After its initial success, two more films were made and released in 2002 and in 2012 respectively. While the stories of each of the movies different, there was never a lack of alien action sequences to enjoy watching.

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