Meet Amal Alamuddin: The New Mrs. Clooney Isn’t Just A Pretty Face, She’s An Internationally Renowned Human Rights Lawyer Whose Work Includes Issues Related To Syria And Wikileaks [PHOTO]

This past weekend, George Clooney married Amal Alamuddin in Venice.

A lot of the news media has been primarily covering Clooney, but maybe they should set their priorities straight – it’s Alamuddin who is the bigger deal.

Her career is at least as impressive as Clooney’s, and it is involved with making the world a better place.

To be specific, she is an internationally renowned human rights lawyer with degrees from Oxford University and NYU Law.

Forbes reports that Alamuddin’s work includes issues related to Syria, drones, and Wikileaks.

She holds a BA/LLB from St.

Hugh’s college, Oxford University (where she won the Shrigley Award), and also holds a Masters of Law degree from New York University School of Law (where she also earned the Jack J.

Katz Memorial Award).

Afterwards, she practiced as a lawyer at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP’s New York office, where she was a member of the Criminal Defense and Investigations Group.

Currently, she works at the Bar of England & Wales, Inner Temple as a barrister and represents clients in front of courts such as the International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, and the European Court of Rights.

Most recently, she represented Wikileaks founder Julian Assange during his extradition proceedings in the UK, and has served as legal advisor to the Prosecutor of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

To make matters more impressive, Alamuddin is an appointed advisor to Kofi Annan, serves as the Joint Special Envoy of the United Nations and the Arab League on Syria, and also serves as the legal advisor to the head of the UN commission investigating the assassination attempt of former Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri.

She has co-edited the book “The Special Tribunal for Lebanon: Law and Practice,” (which examines the law and procedure of the first international court created in response to a terrorist attack), and has served as a guest lecturer at many a college on the subject of international criminal law.

  Good job on landing this one, George.


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