MC Mong Vs. Seo Taiji, ‘Differences Between The Two Comebacks’

MC Mong Vs. Seo Taiji
MC Mong Vs. Seo Taiji

Singers MC Mong and Seo Taiji are both singers that have gone through many issues good and bad in the Korean music industry.

Both have had their time of fame and have hit the top as well.

Recently, both singers have made a comeback after a 5-6 year hiatus.

Even just hearing about their comeback news stirred quite a bit of controversy and made it a hot issue online.

MC Mong’s new album’s title song has been topping 9 music charts since its release fr the past 6 days.

Before Super Junior Kyuhyun and YG’s Hi Soohyun, MC Mong had been topping the charts.

As of November 13, almost half of the top 10 are all MC Mong’s songs.

Many feel that his songs are gaining this much attention due to curiosity.

Seo Taiji on the other hand, is know for being a mysterious character in the K-Pop industry, never really revealing much about himself.

MC Mong however was a huge part of Korea’s entertainment industry as he appeared on various show programs.

Now it seems that their roles have reversed.

MC Mong is now not revealing himself while Seo Taiji is slowly appearing on more and more programs.

Let’s dive in a bit deeper and see where the differences lie between the two.

*Differences in Collaborations- Fresh Vs.

Repetitve With artist collaborations being the hot issue these days, both singers decided to collaborate with artists for their new album.  Although they both released collaborations, MC Mong received much negative feedback while Se Taij received praise.

The difference is because MC Mong was known for collaborations in the past.

With MC Mong being mostly a rapper, he would always have many singers collaborate with him for his songs.

Making a comeback with this same concept made it seem repetitive and old.

On the other hand, Seo Taiji received praise for his fresh new comeback as he had never worked with another artist for his songs and therefore shocked the audience with his collaboration with IU.

*’Harsh’ MC Mong Vs.

‘Soft’ Seo Taiji Both singers made a comeback with their own distinct genres as both hip hop and rock have become much more popular now than back then.

However, the biggest difference lies in their concept for their albums.

Seo Taiji’s album brought back the 90’s vibe and allowed fans to reminisce about the past.

His lyrics also contained meaningful messages that made fans think more about his thoughts.

On the other hand, MC Mong returned with an album full of his own story.

With a mostly hip hop genre, he shoots out harsh lyrics, not showing any signs of self-reflection.

He shows disrespect to all the rumors and anti-fan comments throughout the lyrics as well.

South Korea is very sensitive on the topic of the military and the fact that MC Mong had pulled out several teeth in order to avoid mandatory military duty, he became the hot issue of the country.

His court hearing in 2012 made a final decision for not guilty and was the most highly talked about topic.

One large agency official stated that although he may have his own pain and unfairness that he wants to share, doing so in such a harsh and honest manner has actually made it worse for him in the long run.

In the end, unlike Seo Taiji, MC Mong is just using his military issue to make his music.

*’Eyes Covered And Mouth Closed’, MC Mong’s Failure To Communicate MC Mong has not been interacting or coming out to the public eye.

After releasing his album, he stated that he would not appear on any music programs.

His album, titled, Miss Me or Diss Me, also shows a jacket image with his eye and ears closed.  His agency interjected and stated that releasing and creating music like this was one of the ways he was able to deal with the pain and stress that was on him.

Another famous agency CEO stated, “MC Mong just needs to get hit by the rain.

Its better to just get hit by the rain quietly.

What’s the point of yelling at the sky when its raining.” Seo Taiji did also have his shares of negative feedback, but he began promotions for his comeback 3-4 months before actually releasing his album.

He also appeared on the show “Happy Together” and received a better response after that show aired.

After Seo Taiji’s release, he has risen back up to his ‘genius musician’ standards and has been busy with various promotions.

When it all comes down to it, MC Mong tried to communicate his story to his audience, but ended up just talking about himself.

While we understand where he’s coming from, it is unfortunate that he didn’t comeback with a bit more confidence.

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