MBC scores highest in viewers’ engagement index with ‘Shopping King Louis’

MBC scores highest in viewers' engagement index with ‘Shopping King Louis’

MBC scores highest in viewers' engagement index with ‘Shopping King Louis’

Korean media placement agency KOBACO published its recent survey on the viewers’ engagement index to the TV station. MBC ranked highest among other public broadcast TV in its variety of programs from drama to variety shows. Korean Broadcast Advertising Corporation (KOBACO) conducted the survey during November 6 to 11 to measure the overall quality of the programs among the three major TV broadcasters in Korea, SBS, KBS, and MBC. The survey conducted on 70 programs from the respective stations as reported by NBN News. For the drama section, KOBACO measured “Shopping King Louis” against the SBS “Jealousy Incarnate” and “On the Way to the Airport.” In the variety section, the agency measured “Infinity Challenge” (MBC), “Animal Farm” (SBS) and “Immortal Song” (KBS).

Based on survey KOBACO reported that MBC’s has more programs topped the ranking, as reported by Seoul Daily News. “Shopping King Louis” scored 136.7 in the program engagement index (PEI) as the highest among all segments. The drama can make the audience stay in the channel longer than any other programs. The other MBC programs that topped the ranking are variety shows “Infinity Challenges,” the long-running investigative journalism show “PD Notebook” and “Economy Magazine.” This shows that MBC has been able to deliver better programs than its two other competitors consistently. MBC is short for Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation and founded in 1961 as the terrestrial broadcaster in Korea. MBC has a nationwide network of 17 regional stations across Korea. The company owns the largest broadcasting facilities in Korea with its headquarter in Mapo-Gu, Seoul Metropolitan area. “Shopping King Louis” is a drama produced and distributed by MBC. The show was aired between September 21 to November 10 for the Wednesday and Thursday night drama. During its airtime, the drama only averaged 9.6% viewership rating in AGB Nielsen Korea, and 9.4% in TnMs. Although its ratings were not spectacular, “Shopping King Louis” have a consistently good storyline to make viewers engage more to the screen based on the KOBACO survey. Watch the 4-minute preview of the “Shopping King Louis” below: 

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