MBC new drama ‘Kings Love’ is ready for production; Choo Soo-Hyun, Oh Min-Suk join the drama

MBC new drama ‘Kings Love’ is ready for production; Choo Soo-Hyun

MBC new drama ‘Kings Love’ is ready for production; Choo Soo-Hyun, Oh Min-Suk join the drama

New sageuk (period drama) from MBC “Kings Love” is set to begin the production. Actress Choo Soo-Hyun and actor Oh Min-Suk has agreed to join the drama following Siwan, Yoona and Park Hwan-Hee. The final preparation of the drama “Kings Love” to begin production is announced in the official release  from MBC. The last piece of the puzzle has been completed when actor Oh finally decided to join the cast. A day before Oh joined the cast, Choo was confirmed to play in the drama as reported by Seoul Daily News . The lovely actress is cast as one of the lead character Ok Boo Yong. Other cast member is Siwan and Yoona, while the confirmation from Hong Jong-Hyun is still expected to play the supporting role.

“Kings Love” is an adaptation from the novel titled “The King’s Love” (왕은 사랑한다 = Wang Eun Saranghanda) published in 2011. The novel follows the love triangle between the crown prince of ancient kingdom Goryeo a beautiful woman, while the crown prince best friend also has a crush on the woman. The story has a perfect element for a successful Korean drama, a love triangle. The program director who has been long been working for MBC Kim Sang-Hyub is appointed as director of the drama. Kim is the man behind many successful MBC romantic drama including “Royal Family” and “Cinderella Man.” Kim’s latest project before “Kings Love” is the romantic drama “Glamorous Temptation” starring Joo Sang-Wook, Choi Gang-Hee, Jung Jin-Young and Cha Ye-Ryun. The 50-episode drama was aired from October 2015 to March 2016. The drama earned three awards for the actor and actres, Jung Jin-Young won 2015 MBC Excellence Award for his role, along with Kim Ho-Jin who won Best Supporting Actress and Best Newcomer for Kal So-Won. Watch the teaser trailer of “Glamorous Temptation” from MBC Drama  channel below:

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