‘Masters Of Sex’ Season 3 Spoilers: Virginia Johnson’s Daughter Tessa To Cause Trouble

'Masters Of Sex' Season 3 Spoilers: Virginia Johnson's Daughter Tessa To Cause Trouble
'Masters Of Sex' Season 3 Spoilers: Virginia Johnson's Daughter Tessa To Cause Trouble

“Like mother like daughter” is a saying that provided some of the greatest conflicts on TV.

With shows like “Gilmore Girls” and “Parenthood,” when your child reminds you of yourself, the result isn’t always positive.

  Add in the sexual revolution of the 1960s and you may have an extremely difficult situation on your hands.

After the confirmation of “Masters of Sex” season three, several spoilers about the upcoming episodes were revealed.

The latest spoiler is related to Virginia Johnson’s (played by actress Lizzy Caplan) home life.

According to TV Line , Johnson’s daughter Tessa is set to cause some trouble in the new season.

The trouble will be, as expected, related to her sexual activity.

“Virginia’s kids, Tessa and Henry, are being recast as teenagers – to accommodate a six-year time jump and also to allow the show to explore the pair’s burgeoning sexuality – particularly that of Tessa (who will be quite the little minx),” explains Michael Ausiello.

Given Virginia’s attitude toward sexual freedom, it looks like her daughter Tessa is going to be following in her footsteps.

But how exactly with Virginia deal with her daughter’s sexual freedom and expression? If she tries to discourage her, Tessa will likely rebel even more considering Virginia’s past and present actions.

Knowing Virginia though, perhaps the situation will instead give her the chance to bond with her daughter in a way that she previously could not.

One thing is for certain, Virginia will certainly have her hands full if both her work life and home life are both equally hectic.

“Masters of Sex” season three is set to premiere July 12.

Showtime provides the following description of the series: “MASTERS OF SEX is a one-hour drama starring Emmy® and BAFTA Award nominee Michael Sheen and acclaimed actress Lizzy Caplan, who will portray the real-life pioneers of the science of human sexuality, William Masters and Virginia Johnson.

The series chronicles the unusual lives, romance, and pop culture trajectory of Masters and Johnson.

Their research touched off the sexual revolution and took them from a midwestern teaching hospital in St.

Louis to the cover of Time magazine and nearly a dozen appearances on Johnny Carson’s couch.”    

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