Mary Kate Olsen Plastic Surgery Rumors: Did The Olsen Twin Get A Nip Tuck, Or Was It Just A Bad Camera Angle? Difference Between Mary Kate And Ashley’s Faces Is No Longer Miniscule [PHOTO]

The Olsen twins have always been known for their near identical looks – until now.

A November 6 red carpet event for the 2014 World of Children Awards in New York sent rumors flying when Mary Kate looked significantly changed standing next to her twin, Ashley.

ET Online reports that there are rumors Olsen has pulled a Renee Zellweger (referring to Zellweger’s dramatically and obviously changed features), but there’s no telling that the change in Mary-Kate’s face is that far down the road.

At the event, she sported a significantly different look than her sister – slicked back hair and bushier eyebrows.

Her clothing also had a more androgynous feel to it.

Also, there is still the chance that the dramatic difference between the two is due to a bad camera angle.

Her face was shot from a seemingly upward angle , which could have lead to the seemingly more pronounced cheekbones and difference in face shape.

The Olsen twins began their careers by sharing the role of Michelle Tanner in the hit show Full House during the time they were between six months and eight years old.

Daily Mail reports that they also started making their own TV films with their twinship as the central focus – think the movie “Double, Double, Toil and Trouble.” They also made later feature films, such as the 1995 film “It Takes Two” followed by “When In Rome,” “Winning London,” and “New York Minute.” In almost all of these films, there were sketches where they would often switch places and trick other characters into thinking one was the other.

However, contrary to popular belief, Mary-Kate and Ashley are not identical twins.

They are fraternal twins, and in recent years they have been looking more and more dissimilar.

In the past, Mary-Kate checked herself into rehab after suffering from anorexia.

She has since recovered from the eating disorder, but now fans are questioning whether the changes in her facial appearance are healthy.

Twitter fans shared their sentiments after the November 6 red carpet event, making statements along the lines of, “I’m so saddened by Mary-Kate Olsen’s plastic surgery decisions,” and “Mary-Kate Olsen was good looking then plastic surgery happened.” What do you think of her new look?    

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