Mario Götze Cuts Time With Girlfriend Ann Kathrin Vida, Gets Career Rolling: Fills Instagram With Goals For Bayern Munich

Mario Götze is finally stepping up to his game for Bayern Munich! He definitely has been cutting his time with girlfriend Ann Kathrin Vida and kicking more balls to the net.

Let’s hope that break up is not in the horizon for the 22-year-old Bayern Munich star.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, a former football star, commented that Mario Götze may finally be performing to his full potential, according to

“I think there’s a good chance that he’s made a breakthrough now and that we will see the real Götze from here on,” he said.

“I hope both for him and for Bayern that he can keep up the form that he has displayed in the past few games.” The Bayern Munich player just scored three goals in the past five games, making a statement that he has his World Cup self back.

Mario has been under fire for underperforming for Bayern Munich ever since his victory goal at the Brazil World Cup 2014.

According to a previous article, he may be too distracted by his girlfriend Ann Kathrin to invest properly into his career.

Some critics said that he is living too much in the past, reminiscing his Brazil World Cup final goal that brought Germany the much coveted championship title.

One of the critics, the former German national football team player Dietmar Hamann, said that he was disappointed in Mario Goetze’s performance after his World Cup final goal glory.

“You cannot just put in some half-hearted effort now and say that will you will give it your all next year.

It doesn’t work that way.” Now, Mario Götze has definitely cut time with his girlfriend Ann Kathrin to concentrate on football and his career.

She doesn’t appear as frequently as she used to on his Instagram, for better or for worse.

Let’s hope that Ann Kathrin Vida is also concentrating on her modeling career! According to, Rummenigge feels confident that Götze will step up to the game in the coming season.

“When you come to Bayern at the age of 21, you are obviously not at the peak of your career just yet.

You have to give a young player like him the time to adapt to his new surroundings.” Do you think football will put pressure on Mario Götze and his girlfriend Ann Kathrin Vida? Let me know in the comments below.

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