Maria Sharapova Dispels Grigor Dimitrov Break Up Rumors: Things Are ‘Great’ After Boyfriend Sought Advice From Novak Djokovic?

Phew, Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov are not about to break up! Russian tennis player confirmed that their relationship is going “great” at Wuhan Open in China.

Grigor Dimitrov just had a practice session with Novak Djokovic – maybe the advice he got from the married man did help him solidify his relationship with Maria Sharapova!

Maria Sharapova put all the break up rumors to rest at a press conference in China.

According to Standartnews, a local reporter asked her, “Maria, you’re very popular here, but we are very worried about your relationship with Grigor…” “Why are you worried?” replied the Russian tennis player.

“Everything is great,” she continued.

“Thank you, I appreciate your concern.

Thank you for caring about me so much.” What a gracious way to end a nagging question about her private life! So if we believe what the 27-year-old tennis Roland Garros champion is saying, things are going as well as they can with her boyfriend! No break ups in the horizon.

The break up rumors gained momentum when Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov were not seen together since the end of the US Open 2014.

After the Wimbledon tournament, the couple took time to chill on a Mexican beach.

So their lack of couple-y presence really everyone nervous.

Even the Chinese reporter at Wuhan Open.

Maybe Grigor Dimitrov’s practice session with Novak Djokovic helped the couple’s relationship! According to the previous article, Novak and Maria Sharapova were often romantically linked before he impregnated, engaged and married (yes, in that order) his high school sweetheart Jelena Ristic.

That’s because the Serbian world number 1 loved to imitate her ticks on court and her famous holler when she hits the ball.

The rumors that the world number 1 give Maria Sharapova relationship advice to Grigor Dimitrov swirled right after their practice picture was uploaded on Twitter.

Novak Djokovic, who recently got married to Jelena Ristic, is the perfect person to talk to about Maria Sharapova as there had been some sizzling rumors between them!

The break up rumors are still going strong despite Maria’s protests.

According to Russia’s “Peter TV” Maria and Grigor are no longer a couple, even reporting that there is a new man in the picture.


Let’s hope that Maria and Grigor can hold it together!

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