MAMAMOO Release Behind-The-Scenes Photos From ‘Piano Man’ Music Video Filming

MAMAMOO Release Behind-The-Scenes Photos From 'Piano Man' Music Video Filming
MAMAMOO Release Behind-The-Scenes Photos From 'Piano Man' Music Video Filming

MAMAMOO recently made a glamorous diva comeback with their jazzy single “Piano Man.”

The group is now giving fans a look at the behind-the-scenes filming process and styling for the song’s official music video.

New photos of the charming quartet, background dancers and featured love interest, B1A4’s Gongchan, have been posted to MAMAMOO’s official Facebook.

The shots show the amazing energy and excitement that radiated on set during filming.

The girls are smiling in practically every photograph, obviously overjoyed with their classy concept and style theme.

In one captivating shot, Moonbyul poses on a brightly lit table like a model in a vintage pictorial.

In another, sweet Solar gives the camera the peace sign while getting her hair done by two diligent hairstylists.

The mysterious “Piano Man” himself, Gongchan, looks undeniably handsome in a dark suit while playing the piano by candlelight.

The new pictures will positively delight fans of MAMAMOO and B1A4! MAMAMOO is a four member group signed under WA Entertainment along with hip-hop groups Phantom and Geeks.

They officially made their debut in mid-June of this year with the song “Mr.

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