MAMA 2016 Updates: Idol groups arrival – GOT7, Monsta X, IOI, Seventeen, Gfriend, BTS

MAMA 2016 Updates: Idol groups arrival – GOT7

MAMA 2016 Updates: Idol groups arrival – GOT7, Monsta X, IOI, Seventeen, Gfriend, BTS

The annual year-end award ceremony, MAMA or MNET Asian Music Awards, will happen later in Hong Kong. K-Pop idol groups have already arrive at the venue. Some groups like GOT7 have arrived two days before the said ceremony. GOT7 members were really energetic as some of their fans welcome them in the airport. Also, MAMA’s staff has welcomed them on their arrival. The fans were screaming as the GOT7 members were waving and greeting them happily.

Girl groups IOI and Gfriend have also arrived at the venue. IOI greeted MNET’s staff cheerfully. IOI members were also waving at their fans. Cameras are flashing like crazy as IOI walks to their cars. Meanwhile, Gfriend members were really glad about being in MAMA. SinB greeted M2 man crazily happy. Their fans were shouting at them and greeting them gleefully. Another group was Seventeen. Seventeen members were all cheerful as they greet the MNET camera and some of them even hugged M2 camera and high fived him. Fans were screaming loudly as they go out of the airport and greet them. There were many cameras and all of them are pointed to Seventeen members. One more group is Monsta X. they greeted M2 man like how Seventeen did, with hugs and high fives. They waved and bowed to fans and staff while going in their car. Last but definitely not the least is BTS. Even though packed with different schedules, BTS members happily greeted MNET staff and of course, their fans. MAMA 2016 will happen in less than 24 hours. These groups are all nominated for an award. Many people are hoping IOI will win the ‘Rookie’ award. Also, Monsta X, GOT7, Seventeen and BTS are all nominated for dance group award while BTS is nominated for many awards. Stay tuned for more updates about MAMA 2016 here on Kpopstarz!

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