‘Magic Mike’ 2 Cast Jada Pinkett Smith Role; ‘Gotham’ Star Doing A Role Intentionally Made For A Male in The Sequel!

Magic Mike 2 newly announced cast Jada Pinkett-Smith is apparently playing role intentionally made for a male as confirmed by “Gotham” star herself during her appearance in “The Queen Laifah” show.

“Yes, you know, Channing and Gregory and Warner Bros.

really took a chance,” Smith expressing her gratitude at the show.

“There was a character written for a male that they wanted to turn into a female.” While, Smith refused to share more details about her character, Deadline  reported that she’ll be a strip club magnate, somehow similar to a character she’s playing in the newly released series “Gotham.” Johnny Depp’s fiancée Amber Heard, whose nude photos are reportedly included in the second release of “The Fappening,” has also been confirmed to join the film together with Andie McDowell.

Original “Magic Mike” cast Matt Bomer, Gabriel Iglesias, Joe Manganiello and of course Channing Tatum are all coming back for the sequel.

However, the very amusing character of Matthew McConaughey as the dancing Dallas club owner is not coming back for the second installment according to Yahoo News .

In addition, Alex Pettyfer, a newbie stripper named Adam “The Kid” is rumored to have been encountering problems in returning for “Magic Mike.” Back in 2012, the two reportedly had a falling out and that Tatum had forbade Pettyfer from joining the cast for a photo shoot on Entertainment Weekly.

“Those around them tried to mend their relationship, but Channing doesn’t want anything to do with Alex,” a source told OK! Magazine at that time.

“Channing said he didn’t want to do [the shoot] if Alex was there.

Alex is known in Hollywood for being rude and difficult.” Magic Mike which was released on 2012 sky rocketed to box office making $113.7 million.

This has been the most lucrative film ever made by director Steven Soderbergh and is now on its way to becoming a Broadway musical.

However, this time around Soderbergh’s go-to assistant, Gregory Jacobs, will be helming the sequel.

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