Madeleine Stowe Joins `Revenge’ for Season 3: What Does This Mean for the New Season? Interviews Give Us Clues

Madeline Stowe has a secret on “Revenge” for Season 3.

What Will Madeleine Stowe’s addition to the cast mean for “Revenge” season 3? Madeleine Stowe is playing Victoria Grayson, the evil mother on “Revenge.” Madeline Stowe recently spilled some secrets about Victoria Grayson’s complicated relationship with her secret son, Patrick.

“Revenge” fans first got word of Madeleine Stowe’s the long-lost son in the finale of season two.

But they had no idea who even would be playing Madeleine Stowe’s secret child.

Until they learned that it was Justin Hartley from Smallville.

In recent interviews with Justin Hartley, Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe, “Revenge” fans can piece it all together.

Emily Van Camp recently admitted that she’s afraid there will be more deaths on “Revenge” after the dramatic finale of season two finale.

Justin Hartley revealed a little bit about where Patrick has been, but it’s a little complicated, like everything else on Revenge.

Hartley said “It’s not all maybe correct, but the story is he’s been paid off to stay away and then he’s come back.

Then you find out there’s a twist.” Madeline Stowe teased, “It’s going to be a little bit of a mystery in terms of who he really is.” What we do know about Patrick is that he’s different from other people in the Hamptons.

He’s decent.

Hartley said “You know what I like about him? He’s a good guy and he’s not back to do anything other than be a good guy.” Uh huh.

But Madeline Stowe says “Victoria just adores him and wants to make up for every single thing she ever missed.” Revenge Season 3 opens six months after what happened in the second season finale.

Emily (VanCamp) and Jack (Nick Weschler) learned that Emily is actually Amanda.

Spoiler Van Camp says “There’s just such a depth of emotion there between these two, but essentially, it’s just been one big lie to him.

So to forgive her for that, it will take a very long time I think, if he ever does.

They’re definitely not on good terms.

She’s desperately trying to help him understand where’s coming from and where this is all coming from and why she’s doing it, but he has such a moral compass and he’s such a thoughtful human being.

He sort of sees how insane it all is and in her semi sociopathic brain, it all makes sense to her.” But Emily is torn and possibly leaning tower Aiden (Barry Sloane), but is that the way to go for Emily? “It’s that that thing of do you go the nostalgic road of your childhood love or do you go with the person who understands you the most and who forgives you for what you’ve done?”

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