MacBook Retina Display Release Date Could Be Pushed Back To Mid-2015, Source Says Its All About Supplier Problems

For Apple fans, waiting for the MacBook Retina Display release date seems like eternity as the Cupertino-based manufacturer has yet to make any official announcements regarding the development or impending launch of the ultraportable laptop. 

These past few weeks, rumors are pointing that the new MacBook Air will be released early next year, and should stand out among its other MacBook Air siblings.  That is because the new ultra-thin laptop is tipped to boast a 12-inch display, and an even thinner frame.

This is due to the inclusion of the Intel M (Intel Broadwell) chipsets which can run at high speeds without the need of a fan.

Taking the fan out of the current MacBook Air would make it significantly lighter, and sources believe it should definitely be thinner as well.  Unfortunately for MacBook fans who have been saving for the rumored Retina model, you may have to wait for more than half a year, says a source.  According to Apple Insider , the new MacBook Air with Retina Display will not have any release dates earlier next year, but around mid-2015.

In the report, the issue is about the suppliers of these Retina displays and there would be some delays, especially if we’re talking about demand for Apple’s highest selling laptop.  Other rumored specs include a click-less track pad, integration for Beats technology for speaker output, etc.

But of course, we should take all of these rumors with a pinch of salt. 

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