MacBook Pro Retina Display 2013 Release Date: 12-Hour Battery Life For New Apple Laptop? Optical Drive Out In Upcoming Model

MacBook Pro Retina Display 2013 release date is expected to be on October 15 and based on reports from sources like Gotta Be Mobile, the International Business Times and 9 to 5 Mac, it will be released together with the new iPads and OS X Mavericks.

As it stands, the current line of MacBook Pros is the only product line relative to the MacBook Air and iMac product lines that is not powered by Intel’s new Haswell processors.

The new MacBooks, according to rumors, may have no more optical drives.

In a report by the Christian Post, that Apple may do the same for MacBooks the way it did for iMacs when they removed the drive in the desktops in 2012.

One of the highly anticipated features of the upcoming MacBook Pros is the possibility of a Mac laptop having a 12-hour battery life.

It’s a cue in specs taken from the recently updated MacBook Air, which promises to give “all-day power for word processing, presentations, emails and more.” According to the International Business Times, the 2013 MacBook Air boasts more than 12 hours of battery life with the new chipset.

If the same new battery life is applied to the MacBook Pro, we are expecting a jump from its current seven hours of battery life to 12 hours.

As the Business Times reported, MacBook Pro users can now expect a full day of work without needing to charge their Apple laptop.

Another rumored spec for the new MacBook Pros is faster wi-fi.

MacBook Air offered 802.11ac WiFI, which basically means faster connectivity.

If the same WiFi configuration comes to the new MacBook Pros, we will only see faster connectivity and better online performance for the flagship laptop.

The recently released MacBook Airs offers additional storage with faster performance.

The trend is expected to continue on its MacBook Pro counterpart, upgrading it not only in speed but also in storage capacity.

Since Apple does not comment on future releases, dismissing them as rumors, many industry insiders and tech watchers rely on past releases as benchmark on how the future holds for several devices.

The launch of the Haswell-powered MacBook Air can then be a reliable guidepost in predicting what we can expect of the MacBook Pro version.

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