Macaulay Culkin Found Dead Update: ‘Home Alone’ Actor Responds Hilariously! Other Celebrities Who Have Been Victimized By Death Hoaxes

Over the weekend, Macaulay Culkin found dead reports have surfaced.

It isn’t the first time for the “Home Alone” actor to be a victim of celebrity death hoaxes.

Due to his previous experiences, Culkin responded to his “latest death” in a witty manner.

Culkin, who was touring with his rock band The Pizza Underground, posted several photos on Instagram.

One of the photos emulated a scene from the 1989 comedy film, “Weekend at Bernie’s.” It showed a “lifeless” Culkin being propped up by his bandmate.

Culkin repeated the pose during the band’s performance at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Texas last Sunday.

A website named “MSNBC” is behind the Macaulay Culkin found dead reports.

The news article generated 218,000 Facebook likes and 23,000 Twitter shares.

“Multiple unconfirmed reports say Culkin was found dead Friday afternoon in his Manhattan apartment after police responded to a wellness check requested by a family member.

At least one occupant of the Manhattan apartment confirmed the apartment belongs to Culkin but police have not confirmed the man’s identity at this time,” read the shocking report.

Apart from Culkin, many stars have been victimized as well of such kind of reports.

Emma Watson, for example, was only 19 years old when news about her passing away surfaced.

The “Harry Potter” actress has been reported to die because of overspeeding.

In 2012, the Biebs were devastated upon finding out that Justin Bieber passed away.

The report turned out to be fictitious because the Canadian crooner was enjoying a fishing day with his grandfather.

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