M.I.B Paves Road To Myanmar As The First K-Pop Group To Hold Solo Concert In Mandalay

M.I.B Paves Road To Myanmar As The First K-Pop Group To Hold Solo Concert In Mandalay
M.I.B Paves Road To Myanmar As The First K-Pop Group To Hold Solo Concert In Mandalay

Idol group M.I.B wrapped up their first solo concerts in Mandalay and Yangon in Myanmar over the weekend.

Although M.I.B didn’t make a strong debut, they’ve continued to overcome difficulties and are now the first K-pop group to hold a solo concert in Myanmar.

“During the performance, I’m sure that even fans in Myanmar who didn’t know about us before have become our fans.

These days, we use the word ‘chit-tey’ a lot on social media.

It means ‘I love you’ in Burmese and we want to be stars in Myanmar as well,” stated M.I.B member 5Zic during an interview with Arirang Korea Today.  As this was their first solo concert in Myanmar, the four-member group made sure to interact with fans as much as they could.

The hip-hop idol group held an event for 200 of their fans during their short stay in the country.

Aside from successfully promoting their music, M.I.B left Myanmar with an endorsement deal for a popular pizza brand, even filming a commercial before leaving the country.

The K-pop group started off the concert with their hit track ” Bounce ” and continued on with their most well-known songs, including ” G.D.M ” and ” Who Am I .” Each of the members prepared a special performance for their fans in Myanmar, as member Gangnam sang “Love Isn’t A Game” and Young Cream showcased his rapping skills.

Sims and 5Zic performed their recently released solo tracks “Wadadado” and “Hyena,” according to the Korean publication Osen Entertainment.

During the course of their solo concert, fellow Jungle Entertainment band 4Ten made a guest appearance, performing their debut track “Tornado.” The rookie girl group also sang “Club Can’t Handle Me” from the “Step Up 3D” soundtrack.

M.I.B performed for a total of 5,000 fans during their two-day concert in Mandalay and Yangon.

M.I.B had previously performed at Myanmar along with K-pop groups Girls’ Day, Dalshabet and Tint for the first “Korea-Myanmar Friendship K-pop Concert,” which was held in April.

The hip-hop group is known in Korea for making appearances in various variety shows and has even been dubbed as the “charismatically weird” group of K-pop.

Despite their quirks, M.I.B make sure they’re on top of their music and are responsible for composing, writing and producing all of their tracks, according to the website MWave.  “I think you just have to work hard.

It’s like homework.

Going on TV and being hip-hop idols isn’t an easy thing first of all.

You just have to work hard.

As long as your heart doesn’t change,” stated 5Zic.  

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