M.Crown Steal Hearts With ‘Daedomumun’ Debut

M.Crown Steal Hearts With 'Daedomumun' Debut

M.Crown Steal Hearts With 'Daedomumun' Debut

Get ready to meet Danal Entertainment’s new boy band, M.Crown!
M.Crown made their debut on October 19 with “Daedomumun.” The song title roughly translates to “nothing can stop the big thief,” implying they are ready to steal fan hearts with their music and charm. 

The visual of the much video alternates between the members looking sleek in dark pants, studded accessories, and leather jackets and a simply aesthetic of ripped jeans and white t-shirts. As if the two different styles were not enough, during the rap breakdown M.Crown take on a new look entirely as they sport blazers while dancing and posing within a cage. Though the theme of the video seems all over the place with its gothic backdrop filled with modern motorcycles, viewers can’t help but pin their attention on the charismatic and talented members.
The song takes on a multitude of electro, hip-hop, funk, and pop qualities. The member’s voices stand out sharping but fit the unique aesthetic of the back track. As for the catchy lyrics, M.Crown will have you singing “Ohh, ahh ahh” in no time.
Ready to have your heart stolen by M.Crown? Check out their debut music video below:

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