‘M! Countdown’ Highlights: TaeTiSeo Beats TEEN TOP And Wins #1 On The September 25, 2014 Episode + Performance Recaps

'M! Countdown' Highlights: TaeTiSeo Beats TEEN TOP And Wins #1 On The September 25
'M! Countdown' Highlights: TaeTiSeo Beats TEEN TOP And Wins #1 On The September 25

Another week of ‘M! Countdown’ is here and yesterday’s episode featured some of your favorite K-Pop stars.

Great stage settings and fan chants were all heard and seen.

The stars who made their comeback were Clazziquai with “Still I’m By Your Side,” F.CUZ with “CHA-GA-WA,” Urban Zakapa and Sistar’s Soyou worked together for “The Space Between,” Ailee said, “Don’t Touch Me” for her return, and ZPZG made their debut with “Go Crazy.” The nominees for the night were TEEN TOP and TaeTiSeo as they battled for the first place trophy.

The winner was TaeTiSeo for their single titled, “Holler.” Congratulations to them! This being all said, here are the performance recaps from yesterday.

Performance Recaps  Clazziquai Clazziquai – who are known for combining several genres such as house, electronic music, and jazz made their comeback on ‘M! Countdown’ yesterday.

Clazziquai performed their new single titled, “Still I’m By Your Side.” The group took a break for one year which their previous singles were “Love Recipe” and “Sweetest Name.” Ailee Ailee and her amazing voice is back as she returned on ‘M! Countdown’ yesterday.

Ailee performed two of her singles which were “Love Sick” and “Don’t Touch Me.” Ailee’s powerful voice has been missed and the audience enjoyed her comeback performance.

The message of Ailee’s main single titled, “Don’t Touch Me” is about her not falling for a guy’s sweet words.

She is going to leave and ignore any guys who sweet talks to her.

F.CUZ F.CUZ had some screams from the females as they made their comeback on ‘M! Countdown’ yesterday.

The guys wore either white or black colored outfits for their performance.

F.CUZ sang their new single titled, “ChA-GA-Wa.” F.CUZ fans are loving their new single and hoping that they get more attention because they are a great group.

One person named Jessica Angela commented, “I love this.



<3 F.Cuz hwaiting!” Urban Zakapa and Sistar’s Soyou Urban Zakapa and SISTAR’s Soyou performed their sweet and soft tempo single titled, “The Space Between.” Urban Zakapa made their comeback with their sweet and soft tempo song; which is perfect for the autumn season. After a great collaboration with JungGiGo, SISTAR’s Soyou is now collaborating with the guys of Urban Zakapa. For their comeback performance, the stage was nicely set. Each of the members has soft voices; which flows very well with the song. ZPZG ZPZG - who consist of members Gyeom, Jihoon, Kang, and Khan made their hot debut on ‘M! Countdown’ yesterday. The guys performed their new single titled, “Go Crazy.” While the title is the same as 2PM, the members are not really going crazy on stage. Though they are getting crazy "mentally" due to a woman. The guys wore a colored combination of white and black outfits for their performance. TaeTiSeo TaeTiSeo performed their hit single titled, “Holler.” Seohyun, Tifany, and Taeyeon wore sleeveless shirts and shorts for their performance yesterday. Seohyun has been working out because her stomach abs prove it. TaeTiSeo won their first trophy yesterday. Each of the members thanked their fans for giving them the first win. Do you think TaeTiSeo will do an all-kill this week? MINX New female group MINX performed their single titled, “Why Did You Come to My House.” MINX consist of members JiYoo, SooAh, YooHyun, DaMi, and SiYeon. The group did a great job of entertaining the audience as they asked the question regarding a guy who came into their house. With pink shirts and blue shorts chosen for their performance, the members are cute at the outside and dangerous in the inside. If you go inside their house, you better have a good reason. MINX’s single ranks number thirteen this week. 2PM 2PM performed their hit party rock anthem single titled, “Go Crazy” on ‘M! Countdown’ yesterday. The guys wore bright colored outfits, sunglasses, and bling as they were once again on a sugar high. They had lots of energy and were really crazy. From piggyback rides to confetti, 2PM are really crazy in a good way. Jun. K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung are having a great time with promotions. Their single ranks number six on ‘M! Countdown’ this week. TEEN TOP TEEN TOP is deeply “Missing” someone whom they love as they did a great job of wowing the females on yesterday’s episode of ‘M! Countdown.’ C.A.P, L.Joe, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo wore black colored outfits for their performance. TEEN TOP’s single ranks number seven this week. TEEN TOP is looking to hopefully win another first place trophy as they have already won on ‘Show Champion.’ WINNER WINNER performed their hit ballad single titled “Empty.” The audience got a nice view of seeing each of the members up close because they performed center stage yesterday. After “Empty,” WINNER performed their second single titled, “Don’t Flirt.” Seungyoon, Minho, Taehyun, Jinwoo, and Seunghoon did a great job of entertaining the audience because they were screaming throughout their performance. When Jinwoo showed his behind, the audience screamed. One viewer named ty ty commented regarding Jinwoo, “Jinwoo is so confident today I'm so happy. Normally he is very shy and awkward during performance but today he's the best!” WINNER’s performance was cute and each of the members were smiling. What is your opinion regarding the choreography? Also, do you like the single? SPICA.S The beautiful ladies of SPICA.S performed their sexy single titled, “Give Your Luv.” Juhyun, Park Narae, Yang Jiwon, and Kim Bohyung wore a beautiful gold colored outfit for their performance. When the ladies moved to center stage, the guys screamed as they got a good view of seeing them up close. Their single ranks number eight this week. Are you in love with SPICA.S yet? T-ara T-ara performed their hit club single titled, “Sugar Free” yesterday. Soyeon, Qri, Boram, Eunjung, Jiyeon, and Hyomin did a great job of entertaining the audience as they wore ripped jeans and shirts for their performance. Hyomin did not have her blazer; which she showed her sexy stomach abs. T-ara’s single ranks number three this week. Do you think T-ara can win a first place trophy even though fierce sub-unit TaeTiSeo is promoting? BTS BTS performed their hip hop single titled, “Danger” on ‘M! Countdown’ yesterday. This week, the guys are ending promotions; which fans are hoping that they will get a nomination. Like all their previous performances, BTS will perform with lots of energy and charisma. Jin, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Suga, JiMin, V, and Jungkook’s single ranks number nine this week. BTS had a full performance and each of the members made heart shapes with their hands yesterday. Touch After three years, Touch are back. There used to be seven guys in this group, now only five remains. The guys performed their single titled, “I Am.” They wore a colored combination of red and black outfits. Touch’s single ranks number twenty-two this week. Touch is a great group; which their fans are hoping that they remain as a five member group. One viewer on YouTube named Rocio C. commented, “OMG?! did they recycle their own song XD?! That's kind of sad, I hope they're able to break through more this time. I liked the song when they first came out, with the original 7, but I haven't heard much from them since :/// FIGHTING GUYS! Persistence is key :D!!!!” Say Yes Say Yes - who consist of members Si On, Su Bin, Jun Hyoung, Sung Kyu, and Ho Kyung performed their soft tempo single titled, “Not A Dream.” Say Yes is a great male group that has the looks and talent to wow the audience. Two of the members can play at least two instruments and Kim Su Bin is a great songwriter and lead vocalist. What is your opinion regarding their single? Rok Kiss also performed yesterday on ‘M! Countdown.’

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