‘M! Countdown’ Highlights: EXO Wins #1 And Defeats EXID On The April 30, 2015 Episode + Performance Recaps

'M! Countdown' Highlights: EXO Wins #1 And Defeats EXID On The April 30
'M! Countdown' Highlights: EXO Wins #1 And Defeats EXID On The April 30

Another week of Mnet’s M! Countdown  is here again and features great performances from some of your favorite K-pop stars.

Fan chants and great performances showcased from the idols were all seen and heard on the April 30 episode.

The stars who made their comeback were BTS as they said, “I Need U,” UNIQ with “EOEO,” Kim Ye Rim (Lim Kim) with “Love Game,” Gavy NJ with “Ju Ju Ju,” AOA’s Jimin teams up with J.Don as they are a “GOD,” and Oh My Girl made their debut with “Cupid.” Your nominees for the April 30 episode were EXID and EXO.

The winner was SM Entertainment’s hit make group artist EXO for their single titled, “Call Me Baby.” Congratulations to the guys on their 16th win.

This being said, here are the performances that were seen during the April 30 episode.

Performances From The April 30 Episode UNIQ; “EOEO” UNIQ are on fire as they sang their new single titled, “EOEO” on the April 30 episode.

Their single is a seductive new track; which showcases the guys strong choreography.

Lots of screams from the females were heard while the guys performed.

The members showcased charisma and their tough image.

Jimin and J.Don; “GOD” AOA’s Jimin and J.Don made their hot unit debut on the April 30 episode.

The duo sang their single titled, “GOD” and entertained the audience.

The duo are initiating FNC Entertainment’s new collaboration series, N Project.

Both Jimin and J.Don showcased their strong rap skills.

The single was produced by Brand New Music’s Rhymer and Assbrass; which they created the previous hit single titled, “Puss.” “They are both so attractive – And the rap was awesome as well ;D,” wrote YouTube viewer CMGkpop in a comment posted on the website Thursday.

BTS; “Lovers High” and “I Need U” BTS are back with a powerful emotional ballad single titled, “I Need U.” The guys keep the strong choreography and shows the emotion of the single as they sing about needing a woman.

The song is contained in their third mini album Mood for Love .

BTS fans are definitely loving the concept of their new single.

The fans hope that BTS will win a first place trophy for this track.

BTS also sang their second single titled, “Lovers High.” The song is smooth and showcases the guys great voices.

BTS are falling in love and will show it to their fans on the music programs each week.

Lim Kim; “Love Game” Lim Kim is playing the “Love Game” as she made her comeback on the April 30 episode.

With her unique and confident image, Lim Kim is catching people’s hearts.

The choreography is simple so that Lim Kim maintains her voice and does not need to breathe hard while performing on stage.

Gavy NJ; “Ju Ju Ju” Amazing vocalist trio group Gavy NJ are back with another sad ballad single titled, “Ju Ju Ju.” The story follows a female character who faced a break-up with her boyfriend.

Members Jenny, Gunji, and Sihyeon does a great job of expressing the emotion of the song through their amazing voices.

“Ju Ju Ju” describes how a person feels when he or she faces a breakup; which is loneliness and lots of reminiscence of past memories.

The single ranks number 15 this week.

Red Velvet; “Ice Cream Cake” Red Velvet looked chic, fresh, and stylish as they wore casual spring outfits for their performance on April 30.

The ladies sang their sweet single titled, “Ice Cream Cake.” The single ranks number five on the music show’s chart this week.

Once again, Red Velvet performed flawlessly and entertained their fans.

Dal Shabet; “Joker” The ambassadors Dal Shabet sang their sexy new single titled, “Joker” on the April 30 episode.

The ladies did a great job of entertaining their fans.

Loud male fan chants were heard once again while Dal Shabet performed.

Their single ranks number eight on the music show’s chart this week.

Park Bo Ram; “I Want to Date” Park Bo Ram said “I Want to Date” as she wore an adorable short pink colored dress for her performance on April 30.

Her single ranks number six on the music show’s chart this week.

Park Bo Ram sang with her great voice and entertained the audience.

LABOUM; “Sugar Sugar” LABOUM and their cute stage presence is going to be missed because the ladies are ending promotions this week.

LABOUM sang their adorable single titled, “Sugar Sugar” and entertained the audience on April 30.

LABOUM’s single ranks number 25 this week.

Oh My Girl; “Cupid” The Ark; “The Light” Rubber Soul; “Lonely Friday” MR.MR; “Out” Lovelyz; “Amusement Park” BASTARZ; “Zero of Conduct” Crayon Pop; “FM” HOTSHOT; “Watch Out” A.cian; “Driving” So Yumi; “Shake Me Up”

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