‘M! Countdown’ Highlights: Epik High Beats BEAST And Wins #1 On The November 13, 2014 Episode + Performance Recaps

'M! Countdown' Highlights: Epik High Beats BEAST And Wins #1 On The November 13
'M! Countdown' Highlights: Epik High Beats BEAST And Wins #1 On The November 13

Another week of ‘M! Countdown’ is here and featured awesome performances from some of your favorite K-Pop stars.

Great stage settings and fan chants were all seen and heard once again.

The stars who made their comeback were the sexy “felines” AOA as they are “Like A Cat,” Taiwanese singer Natthew said “Love Will Be OK,” Ulala Session made their return with “Those Who Are Crying Now,” Boys Republic returned with “The Real One,” and Woolim Entertainment’s new female group Lovelyz made their debut with “Candy Jelly Love.” Your nominees for the night were BEAST and Epik High as they battled for the first place trophy.

The winner was Epik High for their single titled, “Happen Ending.” Congratulations to them! This being all said, here are the performance recaps from yesterday.

Performance Recaps AOA   The beautiful ladies of AOA (Ace Of Angels) will be sexy “Like A Cat” as they are making their comeback on the music shows this week.

Moving gracefully like a black kitten, the ladies did a good job on their comeback performance on ‘M! Countdown’ yesterday.

The ladies wore black leather outfits for their performance.

Lovelyz   Woollim Entertainment’s new female group Lovelyz are very lovely as they made their hot debut on ‘M! Countdown’ yesterday.

Lovelyz consist of members Baby Soul, Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, Kei, JIN, Soojung, and Yein.

Due to the issues regarding Jisoo, she is not going to be dancing alongside with her members on the music shows this week.

Lovelyz performed their single titled, “Candy Jelly Love.” They wore cute school outfits for their performance yesterday.

The group just made their debut and already, has many love from the females.

The females in the fans were screaming while the girls were performing.

Lovelyz has listened to all the lessons and tips from male group INFINITE.

Lovelyz are off to a good start.

Natthew   Taiwanese solo male singer Natthew made his comeback on the music show yesterday.

He performed his new single titled, “Love Will Be Ok.” Featuring on stage with him is Son Ho Young.

One viewer named JUNSU XIA commented, “He so cute .

Awesome! I want to follow him.” Natthew’s previous single was titled, “She’s Bad.” Ulala Session   Male group Ulala Session made their comeback and performed their new single titled, “Those Who Are Crying Now.” Each of the members has a great voice as they are competing against ballad group 2AM.

Like 2AM, they express their emotion through the song.

The audience were entertained and enjoyed their comeback performance.

Ulala Session consist of members Goon jo, Kim Myung-hoon, Park Seung-il, and Park Kwang-sun.

Epik High Epik High performed their break up single titled, “Happen Ending” on the music show yesterday.

Younha is taking 2NE1’s Minzy spot as she will be the fourth female to be on stage with Tablo and Mithra.

Once again, the guys did a great job performing for their fans.

Congratulations to Epik High on winning their third first place trophy.

Ji Eun   SECRET member Song Ji Eun is pretty at the age of “Twenty-Five” as she entertained the audience yesterday.

She wore a nice pink colored short dress yesterday.

Ji Eun’s solo single ranks number seven this week.

Hello Venus   Female group Hello Venus are stepping up their sexiness as they wore red see-through outfits for their performance yesterday.

Hello Venus performed their sexy concept single titled, “Sticky Sticky” on the music show.

Hello Venus teamed up with Brave Sound for their comeback.

Now that AOA is back, Hello Venus are putting their A-game on.

Zhoumi   Super Junior M member Zhoumi moved smooth on stage again as he performed his solo single titled, “Rewind” yesterday.

Zhoumi wore a black leather jacket and pants for his performance.

There was no rap part due to EXO attending the 2014 ‘MelOn Music Awards.’ His single ranks number eleven this week.

Boyfriend   Boyfriend are ending promotions as they are doing their goodbye stage performances this week.

Boyfriend performed their single titled, “Witch” on ‘M! Countdown’ yesterday.

The guys will perform with whatever energy they have left this week.

Boyfriend’s single ranks number sixteen on the music chart for this week.

2AM   2AM performed their beautiful ballad single titled, “Over The Destiny” on the music show yesterday.

Once again, the members did a good job of expressing the emotion of this song.

The members wore gray colored outfits for their performance.

2AM’s single ranks number six on the ‘M! Countdown’ chart this week.

JL   JL performed her single titled, “Tear Rain” on ‘M! Countdown’ yesterday.

JL wore a white sweater and black shorts for her performance.

She has a great voice and the audience enjoyed her performance.

JL’s single ranks number thirty-seven this week.

LABOUM LABOUM performed their new single titled, “What About You” on ‘M! Countdown’ yesterday.

The girls wore a nice blue and white doll outfit for their performance.

Once again, LABOUM did not only sing on stage.

Yujeong, Soyeon, ZN, Haein, Solbin, and Yulhee acted and moved like dolls to entertain their fans again yesterday.

LABOUM’s single ranks number seventeen this week.

Mad Town   Mad Town yelled “YOLO” once again on ‘M! Countdown.’ The guys are not showing any fatigue as they performed with lots of energy yesterday.

Mad Town’s single ranks number twenty-two this week.

The audience were entertained and enjoyed their performance yesterday.

Yoon Hyun Sang   Yoon Hyun Sang had to perform IU’s part because she attended the ‘MelOn Music Awards’ that same day.

Yoon Hyun Sang performed his ballad single titled, “When Would It Be” on the music show yesterday.

He did good as he performed solo without IU.

LEGEND   Male group LEGEND are “Lost” without the woman whom they love.

The guys sang with their amazing vocal skills yesterday.

LEGEND’s single ranks number thirty-six this week.

Their performance was cut to less than three minutes long.

The Boss   The Boss; who are known as DGNA had their performance cut as they sang their single titled, “Rilla Go” yesterday.

With the time they had on stage, The Boss did a good job of entertaining the audience.

Their single ranks number thirty on the ‘M! Countdown’ music chart for this week.

HOTSHOT   Male group HOTSHOT said “Take A Shot” as they did a good job of entertaining the audience yesterday.

HOTSHOT’s single ranks number twenty-four on the music chart for this week.

While they are an underrated male group, it was good that they performance was not cut short yesterday.

Boys Republic made their comeback and performed their new single titled, “The Real One” yesterday.

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