‘M! Countdown’ Highlights: Big Bang Wins #1 And Defeats BTS On The May 14, 2015 Episode + Performance Recaps

'M! Countdown' Highlights: Big Bang Wins #1 And Defeats BTS On The May 14
'M! Countdown' Highlights: Big Bang Wins #1 And Defeats BTS On The May 14

Mnet’s M! Countdown  is back and featured great performances from some of your favorite K-pop stars.

Great stage settings and loud fan chants were all heard and seen on the May 14 episode.

The stars who made their debuts were INFINITE’s Sunggyu as he performed his two solo singles titled, “Kontrol” and “The Answer.” MONSTA X made their debut with “Trespass.” Your nominees for the May 14 episode were BTS and Big Bang as they competed for the first place trophy.

The winner was Big Bang for their single titled, “Loser.” Congratulations to them.

This being said, here are the performances that were seen during the May 14 episode.

Performances From The May 14 Episode Big Bang; “Loser” and “Bae Bae” Big Bang are going to be singing both of their singles titled, “Bae Bae” and “Loser” on all four of the music programs this week.

The guys did a great job and are doing something different each day to entertain their fans.

Congratulations to Big Bang as they took home another first place trophy.

Their trophy count is now three.

INFINITE’s Kim Sunggyu; “Kontrol” and “The Answer” INFINITE’s Kim Sunggyu made his sole debut on the May 14 episode.

Sunggyu had a magical stage performance as he sang his solo single titled, “The Answer.” Sunggyu wore a nice white colored outfit for his performance.

With the outfit he wore, Sunggyu looked like an angel.

The audience enjoyed his performance; which screams were heard while he performed.

Sunggyu also sang his beautiful single titled, “Kontrol.” He showcased his great voice for both performances.

MONSTA X; “Trespass” MONSTA X made their debut on the May 14 episode.

The group is signed with record label Starship Entertainment.

The guys sang their single titled, “Trespass.” The song was produced by Brand New Music’s Rhymer.

Trespass  is edgy and strong; which matches the guys’ personality and unique talent.

MONSTA X did a great job and entertained the audience for their debut performance on May 14.

BTS; “I Need U” BTS performed their hit single titled, “I Need U” on the May 14 episode.

Once again, the guys had a flawless performance and entertained their fans.

BTS was up for nomination and battled against Big Bang.

BTS are competing hard and doing a great job with promotions on the music programs each week.

Cross Gene; “Play With Me”   Cross Gene performed their single title, “Play With Me” on the May 14 episode.

The guys are doing a great job with promotions as Casper is missing from the group.

The guys danced with energy and showcased great charisma while they performed.

Cross Gene’s single ranks number 20 on the music show’s chart.

Cross Gene is a multinational group who consist of members Takuya, Shin, Seyoung, Casper, Yongseok, and Sangmin.

Romeo; “Lovesick” ELSIE (T-ARA’s Eunjung) Featuring Ki-o; “I’m Good” BESTie; “Excuse Me” Dal Shabet; “Joker” BEAST’s Hyunseung; “You’re My First” SECRET’s Hyosung; “Into You” Lim Kim (Kim Ye Rim); “Love Game” The Ark; “The Light” Oh My Girl; “Cupid” A.cian; “Driving” So Yumi; “Shake Me Up” HOTSHOT; “Watch Out” 24K; “Hey You” Heart B; “Remember”

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