M.A.P6 Reveals ‘Momentum’ Tracklist And Surprises Fans

M.A.P6 Reveals 'Momentum' Tracklist And Surprises Fans

M.A.P6 Reveals 'Momentum' Tracklist And Surprises Fans

The rookie K-pop boy group, M.A.P6, is indeed doing the best of what they can to make their presence known, not only in South Korea but throughout the whole world as well. This is because they have recently unveiled their latest track list for their upcoming third single album entitled, “Momentum”. According to All K-pop , the boy group has finally revealed their track list for “Momentum”. There are a total of three songs in the album, as well as an instrumental version of the album’s lead track entitled, “I’m Ready”. Because of this, the boy group can’t help but get all the positive feedback from their fans, as their fan base is undoubtedly growing.
They are also starting to become trending on various social media platforms, because of their upcoming album release. For sure, the chances of their records topping the charts are high because of this. According to Scoop Nest , in order to further propel their popularity and success, the rising boy group has partnered with Duble Sidekick for their lead track. This is a very good marketing strategy for the boy group because featuring a reputable icon such as Duble Sidekick has indeed done them a lot of positive things, especially when it comes to exposure. Duble Sidekick is also reported to have contributed in the music composition and lyrics writing of the third track of the album entitled, “Even After Time Passes”. With all of these being said, M.A.P6 is surely on the right track of their career. They just need to keep doing what they’re doing best, give the best of what they can, and continue creating good music while partnering with established and popular K-pop icons. This way, they’ll surely make it to international fame in no time. Their full comeback will be this coming May 23, so you better watch out for them. They’re coming really soon.

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