‘Luther’ TV Series Gets Fox Remake, Will Idris Elba Reprise His Starring Role In US Version?

While fans of the BBC TV series “Luther” might be anticipating season four above all else, it looks like Idris Elba may have his hands full with “Luther” without a British accent.

Today it was announced that Fox has ordered a pilot for an American version of the “Luther” TV show.

Neil Cross is reported to be executive producing and writing the pilot for the US version.

Additionally, Idris Elba is also on board for the project as an executive producer, but will the actor also end up starring in this version of “Luther” as well?

In an interview with BBC , Idris Elba revealed what he likes the most about playing the character of “Luther.” “I love the depth of character and I feel like I know him really well now.

I love playing him but he’s so absorbing and it’s hard to separate myself from Luther when I’m playing him,” Elba explained.

“I like that he challenges me as an actor and the writing is really good.

We always attract really good actors.” It makes sense that a show as critically acclaimed as “Luther” would eventually be on a slate for a U.S.


Deadline reports that Fox ordered a seven-figure pilot for “Luther” with the original creator/executive producer Neil Cross set to keep his behind the scenes role for this version of “Luther.” But “Luther” fans might be particularly interested in whether Idris Elba will reprise his role as the unconventional crime detective in the Fox version of “Luther.” As of right now, Elba is to executive produce alongside Cross, but given the actor’s ability to take on an American accent (see his previous work on HBO series “The Wire”) perhaps it’s not too far fetched to hope that he will also play “Luther” in the U.S.


While American adaptations of British TV shows are often hit or miss, perhaps a Fox version of “Luther” will work if they make sure Idris Elba reprises his starring role.

Even if it is a little weird to hear the actor speak with an American accent.


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