Lupita Nyong’o Confesses ‘Not Knowing’ Future With Common, Jared Leto Or Ex Boyfriend K’naan? ‘Star Wars’ Actress Reveals Insecurities In Interview

Lupita Nyong’o Confesses ‘Not Knowing’ Future With Common
Lupita Nyong’o Confesses ‘Not Knowing’ Future With Common

Lupita Nyong’o confessed in a recent interview that she had a lot of insecurities about her future after Oscars.

‘Star Wars’ actress also may have the same feelings towards Common, Jared Leto and her ex boyfriend K’naan.

Sounds like Lupita Nyong’o is taking things as they come!

After her breakup with rapper K’naan, ‘Star Wars’ actress has been showing up to public events with Common and Jared Leto.

Looks like Lupita is shopping around! But that doesn’t mean that she feels super comfortable yet.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she revealed that she had her doubts.

“You know, I thought it would come to an end after the Oscars.

I thought the Oscars would come and go and then all of a sudden everything would be back to normal and I’d be back in my apartment,” the Academy Award winner said according to E! Online.

“You know what kept me sane? Not knowing,” she admits.

“Having never really experienced that before…

because this was new territory I had no normal.

I had no sense of what was normal in that world.

It was all new.

I don’t think [I would attend that many events again].

Not to that extent.” Ever since calling it quits with her first famous boyfriend K’naan, the Nigerian actress has been flirting up a storm in Hollywood.

According to Hollywood Life, “Jared and Lupita were side-by-side nearly all night at the Vanity Fair after party, where they schmoozed with other couples, including Beyonce and Jay Z!” Lupita Nyong’o and rapper K’naan have been observed having a beautiful Brooklyn romance right after her rise to fame.

But the rumor has it that ‘Star Wars’ actress is no longer with the rapper.

But the latest gossip has it that ‘Star Wars’ actress found another rapper to fall for.

According to Times Live, Common and Lupita “were attending the same Signature Theatre show, while others said they were in the same restaurant as the pair, and that they looked like they were on a date.” The fans at the theatre “even took pictures of them at a distance, while they were having dinner,” the article reports.

Common and Serena Williams were spotted during Oscars after party and spurred on rumors that they may be getting back together.

Meanwhile, ‘Star Wars’ actress has been enjoying her newfound freedom as much as she can.

The after party goers have been observing that Jared Leto was “majorly flirting” with the actress.

It looks like she has now more men under her charms.

Do you think Lupita Nyong’o will end up with rapper Common or Jared Leto? Let me know in the comments below!

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