Luna of f(x) Divulged Her Diet Regimen on tvN’s ‘The List 2017’

Luna of f(x) Divulged Her Diet Regimen on tvN's 'The List 2017'

Luna of f(x) Divulged Her Diet Regimen on tvN's 'The List 2017'

Luna of f(x) was reportedly invited to the Mar. 13 episode of tvN’s ” The List 2017 .”  She apparently spoke more about her body metamorphosis that has garnered much attention from her fans and Netizens. According to the show, she was ranked in 6th place for her diet transformation.
Erstwhile Luna was branded as the chubby type member of f(x). Kstarlive  said in its post that she made a drastic transformation after going on a diet in 2015. Accordingly, her diet menu consisted of active and inactive meals. Luna prefers to eat cheese for breakfast as an excellent source of fat. For dinner, she would reportedly eat vegetables. When she has a busy day, Luna reportedly consumes more. Nonetheless, the meal will consist of healthy ingredients. A typical meal according to Allkpop , is made up of strawberries, tomatoes, a pack of apple jam, 3 pieces of dried persimmons, and two baked sweet potatoes. She apparently only drinks lemon tea and water just to prevent dehydration. Combined with a lot of exercises and healthy eating, she has purportedly lost about 8 kilograms. Luna further detailed her healthy diet by saying that first of all she does not eat snacks. Drinking, according to her is not a problem because she does not take alcoholic drinks. Her other secret, reportedly, is that she does not eat anything salty, sweet or spicy. The main vocalist and lead dancer of f(x) reportedly also said that she eats a lot of healthy foods. Luna accordingly said that she does not eat stew, but only takes broth. She says that her diet is like the meal of people stricken with colds Park Sun-young better known by her stage name Luna, is an actress and presenter. She made her solo debut with the extended play “Free Somebody” in May 2016. In Jan. 2017, she was cast to star in the food variety show “Strong Girls,” alongside Park Bo-ram, Fiestar’s Cao Lu, Young-ji, and Giant Pink.

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