Lumia 1030 Release Date, Get Ready For The Next Best-Thing In The Camera Phone Business, Microsoft Allegedly Preparing New Flagship

Since the Lumia 1020 was released last year, a lot of people have already been waiting for the Lumia 1030 release date.

And since the mobile department of Nokia was bought and merged with Microsoft earlier this year, it is understandable that the next-generation cameraphone has been delayed. 

Instead of focusing on smartphones with hardware-specific strenghts, Microsoft and Nokia opted for devices which would further promote the Windows Phone ecosystem.  It apparently succeeded with the increasing popularity of Windows Phone 8.1, and more people are getting excited by the upcoming Windows 10 for mobile phones, tablets, and PCs and laptops.  But now that Microsoft has shelved Nokia for good, it may be planning to at least give loyal Nokia fans the Lumia 1020 successor.

According to rumors, the new Microsoft Lumia 1030 will boast the same 41MP PureView shooter with CarlZeiss technology.

With the recent increase of front shooter resolution, it would not be surprising to see an 8MP front camera for the new device.

Other expected specs include a 3GB RAM, Snapdragon 805 chipset, and a 32GB built-in memory.  Like previous Lumias, Microsoft may not include a microSD card slot, but would more built-in storage options.  So, are you buying the Lumia 1030 in case Microsoft decides to release the successor sometime next year?

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