Luke Hemmings Makes Out With Rumored Girlfriend Arzaylea, Sends Twitter Up In Frenzy

Luke Hemmings Makes Out With Rumored Girlfriend Arzaylea

Luke Hemmings Makes Out With Rumored Girlfriend Arzaylea, Sends Twitter Up In Frenzy

Luke Hemmings made out with his rumored girlfriend Arzaylea, which has given proof that Arzaylea is not just someone’s imagination. This of course sent Twitter up in frenzy with 5SOS band leader now deeply romantically involved with a girlfriend candidate.

According to Hollywood Take , “Video of Luke Hemmings kissing Arzaylea at an All Time Low concert has sent fans into a frenzy… The video in question shows a guy and a girl, believed to be Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea, cuddling together in the balcony during an All Time Low concert. Arzaylea appears to lean over and kiss Hemmings on the cheek. And while it’s hard to see what happens next, it looks like Hemmings then kissed Arzaylea on the lips. They may have even made out!”
To the fans that aren’t sure who Arzaylea is, she is the most recently rumored girlfriend to 5 Seconds of Summer lead singer.
According to Bustle , “she is… about 20 years old… fairly active on her Twitter account and already has over 74 thousand followers, which I assume primarily a bunch of overeager 5SOS fans.”
The article also reports that “her father owns Tunes Headphones and that her dad has been a part of the music industry since she was a young girl, which is why she knows so many musicians.”
Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea have been high rumored on Twitter as their relationship came into light a couple of weeks ago. 5SOS lead singer has kept mum about his rumored relationship with Arzaylea, but it has proven difficult to keep Twitter under control.
With 5 Seconds of Summer new album coming out in just a few days, Luke Hemmings may also be thinking about using Arzaylea to enhance the new album sales.
But Luke Hemmings did clarify that he isn’t emotionally involved with any girl right now.
According to Fashion and Style, “During a recent radio interview, Five Seconds of Summer’s Luke Hemmings denied rumors about his romance with Arzaylea and anyone else for that matter, stating they were “too busy” for romance.”
While Michael Clifford stated that he is “an open, nonexistent book,” Luke Hemmings jokingly added that he’s a “closed yet PG-rated picture book,” hinting that he really has no peep of a love life right now.
Do you think Luke and Arzaylea will keep their relationship under wraps?

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