Luhan & SM Entertainment Have Been Referred By Court Into Mediation

Luhan & SM Entertainment Have Been Referred By Court Into Mediation
Luhan & SM Entertainment Have Been Referred By Court Into Mediation

  Former EXO-M member Luhan and SM Entertainment have been referred by Seoul Central District Court to settle their dispute through mediation.

The latest development in the case of Luhan and SM Entertainment initially broke through English language publication allkpop.

According to the translated article in allkpop , the case was brought into court-referred mediation on October 10 in order to confirm the validity of Luhan’s allegations regarding key points in his exclusive contract.

On November 25, Seoul Central District Court reported that the case between Luhan and SM Entertainment regarding his exclusive contract was referred to mediation on October 10, with the intention that both parties would be able to settle the dispute through a settlement.

Luhan has delivered strong allegations against SM Entertainment, with his strongest statements alleging that the agency treated the Korean members of EXO (EXO-K) differently than the Chinese members of EXO-M.

EXO-M is a Mandarin language unit group of EXO whose primary function was promotional activities within Chinese-speaking countries and mainland China.

According to allkpop, Luhan delivered a statement about the ongoing lawsuit.

“ From the beginning of our debut, EXO-K received support from SM and actively did promotions, ” he said.

“B ut EXO-M had no promotions, received no financial backing, and endured a difficult time .” SM Entertainment delivered a strong response to the allegations.

”To sue us when he has no reason to do so using the same law firm and the same method [as Kris] and to ignore the interest of the people concerned in the contract that includes the group’s promotions and the agency after gaining a lot of popularity as a star through group promotions shows that he put his personal gains first,” they said.

On October 10, Luhan allegedly filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, citing health issues as the motivating factor for early contract termination.

Luhan was the second member of EXO-M to deliver allegations of unfair contract terms.

Kris (Wu Yi Fan) allegedly filed a lawsuit in May, which was confirmed by SM Entertainment on May 15.

Luhan’s departure came in the midst of the group’s EXO from EXOPlanet #1 tour, while Kris left the group in the midst of their “Overdose” comeback activities.

Kris and Luhan have promoted, as well as starred in Chinese films, since departing from EXO.

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