Lovelyz Has Released A Dance Practice Video For Their Latest Song Titled ‘Wow’

Lovelyz Has Released A Dance Practice Video For Their Latest Song Titled 'Wow'

Lovelyz Has Released A Dance Practice Video For Their Latest Song Titled 'Wow'

Latest updates have revealed that Lovelyz has released a track for their fans on their Naver V  Live channel. The South Korean Idol group has released a dance practice video for their latest song titled “Wow.” Lovelyz is a South Korean girl group formed in 2014 by Woollim Entertainment and its company first girl group, which consists of eight members. The group eight members that featured in the new dance practice video include Baby Soul, Kei, Jin, Sujeong  Jiae, Jisoo, Yein, and Mijoo. Their first debut album, “Girls’ Invasion,” was launched on November 17, 2014. However, the group’s first live show Lovelyz in Wonderland started airing on SBS MTV, February 2. The girl’s group also released a New Trilogy on April 25, 2015.
It is reported by Soompi that the girl group released the new dance practice video for their recent comeback “WoW,” on March 22. It is also reported that Lovelyz dance practice video, featured, among other things,  the return of one of the girl group member, Yein. Yein injured her leg right before the album’s release and had previously been on a break to properly attend to treatment for an ankle injury. The Lovelyz new dance practice video was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday by the group’s agencyWoolim Entertainment. It featured the Idol group’s eight members in comfortable clothing and dancing on the song in a studio. Although it was the first time that the Lovelyz girl group is seen dancing as an 8-member group, the girls did not miss a beat in any of their synchronized choreography, complete with cute hand gestures and facial expressions, according to Yonhap News. The track is included on the team’s second full-length album “R U Ready” released last month. Upon release,  “Wow” rose to No. 1 on various music streaming lists. The eight-member team rose to fame in Korea with the single “Ah-Choo” in 2015. Lovelyz dropped their second full album “R U Ready?” on February 26. You can watch the video on their Naver V Live channel.

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