Lovelyz Debut Drama! Jin Hospitalized For Stomach Pain Hours After Jisoo Is Released From Psych Ward [VIDEO]

Lovelyz Debut Drama! Jin Hospitalized For Stomach Pain Hours After Jisoo Is Released From Psych Ward [VIDEO]
Lovelyz Debut Drama! Jin Hospitalized For Stomach Pain Hours After Jisoo Is Released From Psych Ward [VIDEO]

This is probably not the Lovelyz debut that Woolim Entertainment executives had in mind.

The label’s newest girl group released their first album, “Girls Invasion,” on Monday.

Since then, 20-year-old singer Seo Jisoo has been hospitalized for the psychological anguish caused by wild accusations of sexual assault and blackmail in what appears to be an online smear campaign, according to the website Koreaboo , before being discharged from the mental health facility on Thursday.

Then on Friday, Park “Jin” Myeong Eun was rushed to the emergency room following a Lovelyz performance on Korean Broadcasting System program “Music Bank,” according to the Korean news publication TV Report .

“Just before going up on stage, Jin had complained of abdominal pain,” said a representative from the group’s label.

“Despite the fact, she still expressed her desire to go on stage.

In the end, she went on stage to perform.” But things only got worse for the 18-year-old singer, whose face during Lovelyz’s performance on “Music Bank” appears to show some signs of pain.

“She just barely completed performing,” the rep said.

“It appeared as if there had been another problem during the broadcast.

Jin came off the stage and complained of stomach pain again.

She was urgently rushed to the hospital.

We will take measures, after finding out the exact cause, through medical treatment.” Though Woolim reps released a statement to the Korean media outlet Newsen on Tuesday claiming they had caught the person alleging in a series of online posts that Jisoo had, among other things, run a pornography ring that tarnished their reputation, the incident caused the singer to miss her group’s debut showcase on Monday.

“The person suspected of being the first distributor of the Seo Jisoo rumors has been identified,” the rep said.

“We will have to complete questioning in order to confirm if [he or she] really is the source.

At the earliest, we plan to summon them within this week, but nothing is certain yet.” Though whether or not there is any truth to the posts, apparently written by a woman claiming to be a past lover of Jisoo, there is no denying they are the stuff tabloid headlines are made of.

“I formerly dated Jisoo, who is set to debut in Lovelyz,” read the first post , reportedly published on Nov.


  “While engaging in sexual activities, Jisoo took pictures of me in secret and those pictures were spread around the company I was working at the time.

I suffered from the negative gossip that occurred, and acquaintances, as well as strangers.

All had access to nude pictures of me.” “I was called a slut despite having sex with Jisoo only because I was truly in love with her,” the post continued.

“My sexual identity was forcefully revealed and I suffered massive trauma as a result.

These pictures were all sent to me by Jisoo.” Woolim has brushed off the idea one of their artists was involved in a nude photo scam, saying the candid photos the alleged jilted ex of Jisoo posted along with her potentially slanderous indictments of the singer, could have been acquired from a variety of sources.

“Those were photos that anyone could have access to if you were an acquaintance,” the rep said.

“There has not been one photo or evidence of harm.

The rumors were spread solely through words and text, as well as easily obtainable photos.”  

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