Los Angeles Clippers Roster Determined To Make It Past 2nd Round Of Playoffs, Win The Western Conference Title

There has not been much change in the Los Angeles Clippers roster, but that does not mean this team will go down the same way just in the past two playoffs.  According to star forward Blake Griffin, they can’t just hang their heads and lose confidence especially that this Los Angeles team has not gone past the second round of the playoffs, in a long time. 

In the report by ESPN, in all of the Los Angeles Clippers, only two players have made their way deep into the playoffs, and they were from different teams, Glen Davis and Jordan Farmar.  As for Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, and Chris Paul, they haven’t had much success in the playoffs for their entire careers, in spite leading the Clippers to a stellar franchise record of 57 wins in the regular season.  However, it looks like everything is about to change this coming season.  It will be a team effort for Los Angeles before they come anywhere near the Western Conference Finals.  “It shouldn’t be focused on just one person,” Griffin said.

“One guy can’t win or lose on his own.

It’s not fair to put any type of blame on anyone.

We were all out there playing and we all made mistakes and we all did things we wish we could change.

“It’s not whether it’s fair or not, it is what it is.

It is a reality: we haven’t gotten past the second round.

We can’t hang our heads and feel sorry.

We have to take that responsibility as a team.” 

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