LOONA Releases 37-Second-MV; Haseul’s “Let Me In” Lyrics yet to appear

LOONA Releases 37-Second-MV; Haseul's "Let Me In" Lyrics yet to appear

LOONA Releases 37-Second-MV; Haseul's

Haseul, of the soon to, launch K-pop girl group LOONA has caught awareness on the screen via a video teaser. Released on the ninth od December, the video presents, the third girl to appear in Blockberry Creative ( sub-label Polaris Entertainment) project- The Month Girl. The MV is part of a concept to introduce the 12-girl- group, according to kpopmap  one girl every month.To complete the entrance of each girl member, to the curious followers, it will take a year.
It is the same length of time the talent company achieves the target debut appearance of the members as a group. It will be in October next year. The 37- second -video, per allkpop  was shot in Iceland with an all white concept. Haseul is in the middle of an icy desert clad in the white mini dress in black boots with a plane wreck in the backdrop. The background sounds are orchestral that ignite curiosity to her song whose lyrics are yet to be heard. In that short span of the video, the camera captures the mood of a cold winter, yet, how does one reconcile the scene that Haseul is clad in a white dress with feathery draped bodice without a coat on? Reading the tone of the concept used here, this Loona girl can withstand anything. Part of the strategy that Blockberry entertainment utilizes is present images that pitch in a theme and bind a promotional concept. It is very visible in the three lyrical videos released. So far, the company has taken into the animal reverie. HeeJin, the rabbit in her VIVID while Hyunjin has the cat for her I’ll be There”. There is a wait in what animal Haseul will be. As swans abound in Iceland, fans are assuming she will be a swan in the unfinished video. There is a mix of curiosity, and wild reactions now flooding threads with social media posts after the release of the new artist’s short video. As it is, the fans can’t wait for the reveal.      

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