Logan Lerman Eligible For Sexiest Man Alive? ‘Fury’ Actor Mans Up Against Brad Pitt And Shia LaBeouf, Preps Himself For Academy Awards Season

Logan Lerman has quickly shed his teen boy image for ‘Fury’.

Will he be eligible to make it to Sexiest Man Alive list that People make every year? Even though he doesn’t, ‘Fury’ actor definitely held his own against Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf.

Plus, Logan Lerman is probably holding out for the ultimate honor – the Academy Awards!

Sexiest Man Alive is a list of Hollywood personalities that People Magazine put together every year.

The question this year is that whether Logan Lerman has transitioned into manhood enough to be eligible for the consideration.

Maybe he should make a ‘For Your Consideration’ campaign along with the ‘Fury’ movie press tour.

But Logan Lerman probably has bigger things on his mind.

With ‘Fury’ gaining momentum for the Academy Awards season, he probably wants to snag a nomination in the acting category.

‘Percy Jackson’ alum has reiterated many times just how much he had to endure for the filming process for ‘Fury’.

In his most recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, the 22-year-old actor showed that he held his own against Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf and Jon Bernthal.

“Jon Bernthal put his tongue in my ear in one scene,” Logan Lerman admitted.

“Nasty stuff.

But again, no boundaries.

So in that scene with Brad, I just egged him on.

I was saying horrible things to him beforehand just to piss him off.

Personal, horrible things, things I learned from those nights in our tents during boot camp.

“Jon Bernthal had the most experience and is the best fighter.

At the end of the day, no one [messed] with Jon.” Do you think Logan Lerman will get a nod in this year’s Sexiest Man Alive nominations? How about for the Academy Awards? Let me know in the comments below!

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