Little Big Planet 3 PS4 Release Date Features New Game Modes And More Creative Tools, Sony Preps Up For November Releases

Little Big Planet 3 is coming for the PS4 and the release date is already set for November.

Sony have big plans for their company and introducing new games that would be “a little different” from what people usually play is one of the games lined up that they said they would “step up” on.

As reported by Digital Spy , a new game mode would be available for the new game and it is to have “more accessible tools” in the Create mode of the game.

“There’s a lot more integration of Create mode within the single player campaign.

We wanted to make it much more accessible,” lead community manager of Sony Xdev Studios Europe Sarah Wellock said.

“The feedback we’ve had previously has been [that] the leap from player to creator was too big…

We want to try and make it as inclusive an experience as possible.” Meanwhile, Sony announced recently that PlayStation is projected to step up and promises “to take the world by storm” with the lineup of games projected for this year and the years to come.

Included in this list is Little Big Planet 3 for PS4 with a release date for the end of the year.

As reported by The Bucks Herald : “PS4 will continue to take the world by storm,” Sony proclaimed.

“Players are already looking forward to an incredible software line-up, and the quality will just keep coming as we reveal more games, more exclusives, and more new features and services.

“With so much to announce through 2014 and beyond, the install base of PS4 will continue to quickly expand and the software attach ratio will accelerate at pace.” They added: “The world’s most powerful games console has had a record breaking start.

PS4 brought players the biggest games and provided the best environment to enjoy them in.” For more of Little Big Planet 3 PS4 release date and more news about games, keep tuning here on

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