Listen To Hans Zimmer’s ‘Interstellar’ Movie Soundtrack Before It’s Released: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Composer Says He Dreamt Of Bane Opus Before Writing It

While movie composers are usually unrecognizable to modern music fans, movie buffs can spot, rather, hear a Hans Zimmer composition a mile away.

It also helps that Zimmer has composed for most of Christopher Nolan’s films, perhaps making some immediately assume that the beauty of the soundtrack in “Interstellar” could be none other than the man that brought the Oscar nominated “Dark Knight” soundtrack.

Nevertheless, “Interstellar” soundtrack fans had to be patient this time around as the composer did not want to release the music ahead of the film, allegedly due to the personal nature of it.

The time has finally come however and fans can now listen to the “Interstellar” movie soundtrack in its entirety before it hits stores next week.

Moreover, in a recent interview, Hans Zimmer also discussed where he gets ideas, which sometimes includes dreams.

Hans Zimmer recently told The Hollywood Reporter whether or not he ever dreamt of the music he writes for movies.

“I have, rarely, and usually I can’t remember it.

There’s one incident where I really did remember it, which was ‘Dark Knight Rises’.

I dreamt that whole sort of insane Bane opus.

And, so I wrote it out, and went to Warner Brothers and said you know, I had this idea, and I don’t know if it’s going to work,” he explained.

Ultimately, the Bane Opus in question involved a 100-person orchestra jam session in which the people were allowed to experiement with the notes that Zimmer had already written.

While he didn’t reveal which track from “The Dark Knight Rises” that is the Bane opus, one might guess based on the inclusion of the orchestra that it is the song “Imagine the Fire” (which fans can listen to below).

      As for the “Interstellar” movie soundtrack, Zimmer attributes the feeling of the main organ and piano theme to one theme that is demonstrated in the movie by Matthew McConaughey: “I really just wrote about what it meant to be a father.” Fans can listen to the entire “Interstellar” movie soundtrack below.

The album is now available for pre-order on Amazon and will be released in stores on November 17.


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