LipBubble Talks New Album ‘Popcorn,’ Dreams to be Girl’s Generation

LipBubble Talks New Album 'Popcorn

LipBubble Talks New Album 'Popcorn,' Dreams to be Girl's Generation

Girl’s Generation may not be as intact as before since the girls have been working on their solo music now but their legacy as a group continues. S.M. Entertainment’s girl group continue to influence many new girl groups these days, including the Zenith Media Contents’ freshly formed LipBubble. LipBubble is aiming to be the next Girl’s Generation and present a dynamic concept as them. Like the latter, they also want to be mature as a charming group and as individuals. Zenith Media has been teasing the debut of the group since November 2016 but only introduced all the members in 2017. LipBubble debuted early this year with a total of seven members: EunByeol, RyuA, HanBi, InA, MiRae, HeA, and SeoLyn.
Even before LipBubble was officially introduced, its members have been gaining attention on social media. Last November, Ryua’s short cover video while performing “Singing of Spring” got thousands of views of Instagram. In an interview with AllKPop , the seven-member girl group discussed their title song “Popcorn.” The group’s first album, which will consist of “poppy and addictive tune,” was just released Wednesday, March 22. The title song was selected oout of more than 30 songs. The members of LIpBubble believe the line “pops pops popcorn” was such a memorable part of the entire lyrics. Aside from the newly released “Popcorn,” the girls also talked about their vocal warm-ups, an activity they do an hour or two every morning in their studio. They shared that they spend an at least an hour a day to practice dancing. The teaser of “Popcorn” looks like a movie ticket, pretty close to the album’s theme. The members of LipBubble also spotted a cheerleader outfit for the teaser. According to Officially KMusic , Zenith Media released lots of individual images of the group in time for their debut. Watch the girls perform “Popcorn” below:

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